Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone, today is my Birthday,yahoo!!!! another year older,yey!!!tee hee.    I had a little family Bday party last night, was a great time.   Opened lots of goodies, so happy I finally got a shoefly, wanted one for soooooo long.    My dear Sis-in-law and Brother gave it to me along with other prim goodies.    Took some pictures of the goodies I recieved, love them all, I `m blessed with such a wonderful family.   I also was given some money so will be visiting the Antique mall downtown  for sure.  Will show you what I find, leaning toward a new quilt,hope I find one.     The little dog I`m holding is so cute, it looks like one of my dogs I had lost last year, miss her so.        Take care, hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, I know I will,  going to my Son`s for a barbacue, he knows how to make Mommy happy, feed her, LOL!!!!!!!!     Warm Blessings Francine.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Good Day Everyone,    I`m back from my little Birthday trip, had a wonderful time with my Mom and Sister.    The casino is very nice,clean and very friendly peaple, and oh yea, I did win money,yiipee!!!!!! but did spend it shopping, brought home 2 dollars but alot of great buys.    We went to the town of Waphetin to shop for a couple hours at J.C.Penny and Wal-mart.  Well,I spyed across the street, you guessed it, an Antique store , well,powered shopped in J.C.Penny,then ran across to the Antique store,we only have an hour so I  ran fast!!!!!  Inside were so many wonderful old goodies, but alot of glassware, I was on the hunt for prim things.  I found this wonderful old looking watermelon pillow, fell in love with the welcome sign and fat little star.  There were old yelloware bowls I liked but it`s hard to bring bigger things on the bus but I did leave  happy with my goodies.  All in all we all  we had a wonderful trip, but it is good to be back home,   hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Happy Hump Day To You All, I`m hoping it will be lucky for me!!!!! tee hee.  I`m enjoying my cup of coffee now, all packed and ready to go.  The bus leaves at 8;30, just thought I would say hello before I go.   Want to thank all the girls that wished me luck,a big thanks, sure hope   I win some sheckles, but will be sure to have alot of fun.      Do enjoy going to the Olè U.S.A, as does my family,can`t wait to be there,yey, red,white and blue.     Take care my friends, till next time, Prim Blessings Francine.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Happy Tuesday Everyone, I`m excitied for tomorrow to come for I`m going on a 3 day trip with my Sister and Mom,dare I say, here goes, on a bus  gambling trip,there, the cats out of the bag, my one bad habit,playing the slots.    We always take a trip in April for it`s our Birthday month, lots of shopping, eating,more shopping and lots more eating, and a little gambling,and loads of laughter, we need a little break,every now and then.   We are going to a casino we have never been to, Dakota Magic,it`s on the border of North and South Dakota.  I really enjoy traveling to the U.S., finding different goodies we do not have up here in Canada, looking so forward to this little trip with my family.  Hope I bring back some money, tee hee, for I plan on going back to the States for my holidays in August, not to sure where yet, but swaying to the Black Hills,would love that.  Well,wish me luck,LOL!!,  till next time Blessings Francine.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Fell in love with the homemade berry picker,had to have it.  Also came across these sweet childrens set of canisters, oh my, I have the same little plates and cups with the Dutch pattern, so they came home with me to.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Happy Friday the 13th, it`s a good luck day!!!!!  More grey skies are upon us here,calling for rain, but rain smain,it`s antiquing day,no bad luck here,LOL. Looking forward to rummaging through all the wonderful old treasures,one of my favorite passtimes,makes my heart smile.   I get so overwhelmed where to start looking when there are sooooo many tables to look at,  don`t want to miss a thing.    I think I need a new old quilt,no,I know I do, love blue and red ones, hope I find one, also, I have a thing for old lightning rods,have a few but need more, can`t wait for this evening.     Wishing you all a great day, may you find a little treasure on this good luck day!!  Antique Blessings,Francine. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Good Morning,hope all is well in blogland.   We are back in a cold snap here,brrrrrr,my poor tulips and daffodills are laying down on the ground,so sad.    Well,with the weather frosty and still on a suger high from Easter,I decided to do some tinkering in the porch last night.  Wanted a change on the fireplace mantle and front. Doesn`t look like much but did do a little switching up, a before and after shot. Not to sure if it will stay like that, but I gave up for the night.   This Friday there is a big Antique show and sale,yey!!!! I saved my money waiting for this sale to come,it`s one of the biggest Antique sales in Winnipeg.   So maybe I will find a real treasure there and join it by or on the fireplace.   Thanks for stopping by,enjoy the day,Bear Hugs Francine.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Good Day,here are a few pictures of my neices new baby Oscar. He is 2 months old,all the way from Toronto. Had his first plane ride, Amanda said he was a good boy,slept most of the way.     That is my middle sis holding him, and below my wonderful mother,his Great Grandma.   I had pictures of me holding him but the camera broke,tee hee,no, they turned out  dark and taken sideways,but will show you anyway.    We had a wonderful visit with him, can`t wait to see him again.  Warm Blessings Francine.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Hello,well all the hoopla of Easter is over. Hope you all had a wonderful day filled with family,laughter  and good food.   I ate way to much yummy food and chocolate, whew, but had such a great day with family. Meet my neices new baby little Oscar,oh how I love baby cuddles, a little piece of heaven,ahhhhhhh. Came home and hit the sack early and slept like a baby, busy day but a day filled with love.    Warm Blessings to you all,Francine.  

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Greetings to you all,hope the bunny was good to you. I am waking up to a sunny day,it has been very cloudy lately.  Can`t wait to get together with family.   My sweetie pie bought me this very cute old egg cup for Easter,love it.       Hope you all enjoy the day with loved ones near,go ahead,eat some clocolate,Easter Blessings Francine.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Good Evening, this is my sweet little girl Angel. Oh how I love her so.   I rescued her 2 years ago, she was a dirty,scared  girl at 5 years old.  Her coat was so matted and her nails so long they were curled right around,she was actually walking on the curled nails,almost digging in her little pads.  She has come along way, but she does still have her bad days,but what women dosn`t,LOL.    She is my little shadow,always near,makes my days so much brighter.This is her favorite spot,curled up on a pillow. Blessings to you all, Francine.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy April 1st,finally the sun came out,sure is wonderful to feel the warmth of it,really has been to long.   Going to go outside now with coffee in hand and sit and finish my first rug hook.  Guess I will get better as I go, having fun doing it. Will also learn from my mistakes.   Hope you all have a great day,enjoy, Francine.