Sunday, 28 September 2014


Good Morning Prim Folk,  a wet windy one here today. Good day to curl up cozy with a book, cup of coffee but I do have to go to work today.  The nice weather is gone, this week calling for cooler temps but I really don't mind. Been waiting for sweater weather and just getting the homestead warm and cozy for nesting time. I did get out yesterday to do a little outdoor Fall decorating but it was after work so I didn't have the it in me but knew today would rain so I did want to get some goodies out.  Looking for some cornstalks, like to put them out on display, hoping to still get some   Tomorrow my older Sis and I are off on our annual  Fall  gambling trip, heading  to  Devil's  Lake  casino this time.. Three days of sister time, shopping, eating and lets hope winning money, Ha!!!! We will miss our middle Sis who usually comes with but she could not make it this trip, but she will be in our hearts along with Ma and Sis In Law back home,  love my family.  So wish me luck, I know I will need it.........Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday, Warm Blessings Francine.
my white pumpkin

out on the patio bench

autumn greeting sign

On the front door

Friday, 26 September 2014


Greetings Sweet Prim Folk,  Happy Friday to you all.. Really beautiful weather here this week, wow!!!! In the high twenties every day, can't believe it for the end of September and  where did the month go by the way?  With the nice golden days of Autumn  I have been  outside working in the yard plus just sitting  enjoying the warm sunny Fall days.  I also have been doing a little more Fall decorating inside and today  I will get outdoors to do some,  finally bought a nice white pumpkin and orange one.  I received these sweet primitive homemade corn cobs in the mail I had ordered the other day, love them. So was working on displaying them, might leave them here or maybe not. Thanks for stopping in, always a joy to have you visit, Cozy Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Afternoon Primfolk,  my favorite time of year is hear!!!! love everything about this glorious season. ...Had a wonderful few days at the lake this time, sunny blue skies with no rain.  Got what we had to get done, finish the sides of the porch, chop and stack the wood in the wood shed and just  simply enjoy Mother Nature. Watching the  birds, a toasty fire crackling, walks in the earthy smelling woods, love the smell of leaves this time of year.  My Sister surprised me  yesterday afternoon by coming out, love having her visit, enjoyed her company for supper too.   l Hoping we can still enjoy some warm October  days out there yet, not ready to tuck the trailer in for winter.........Wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday, Fall Blessings Francine.
sunlight shining  in the trailer

pretty colors of Fall around the trailer

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Morning Prim Folk,  our weekend at the lake was a bust!!!! Blame it on the rain, started Friday afternoon, so we decided to stay home. Saturday was cloudy but we thought we would head out anyway, have lots to do out there. Well, we went anyway. We  started to put the eavestough  up along the porch when the rain started to fall once again. Managed to get it up at least, but the rain did not stop. So Cam said enough, lets pack up and head home. So that was my weekend, today no better. Hoping to go tomorrow, calling for a warm week with temps in the 20's, weatherman you better be right!!!! We have wood to cut and put away, finish up the porch, plus, just want to enjoy some more time at the lake.  The scenery is really pretty, Fall has touched the trees with color.........Wishing you a cozy day, Blessings Francine.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Good Morning Prim Folk,  sun is shining here and it is  warming up outside slowly. Was a chilly one again last night, single digits once more. I did break down and turn the heat on, was a little to cool not to, but now I turned it off with the sun shining in................ Been getting the flower beds cleaned up this week, still some flowers blooming but wanted to get a jump on yard work for one never knows around these parts when the snow flies.  The Canada geese are getting restless, you can hear them honking before you see the v formation of them.   Suppose to be a nice warm weekend coming up so we will head out to the lake Friday afternoon, can't wait, missed being out at the trailer after spending so much time there on my holidays......
Been decorating still with some Fall goodies, Cam bought me these beautiful Sunflowers the other day. Love Sunflowers, so pretty and cheerful, how can you not...... Wishing you all a wonderful day, Warm Blessings Francine.  

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Morning Prim Folk, Fall has definitely  arrived here. Nip in the air this morning, but no frost on the pumpkin yet.  I  am enjoying  a  hot cup of coffee, watching the birds at the feeders, sweet little Chickadee's,  Nuthatches, Woodpeckers all having their breakfast. Love this season of Autumn, cozy evenings by a fire, sipping cider,   warm sweaters, pumpkins, just to bad it is always short lived.

 I have been looking on Pinterest Fall boards and must say what wonderful pictures there are. Thought I would share some with you but...computer is acting up, can only download a few pictures...  Wishing you all a cozy day, Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Good Morning Prim Folk,  still is  chilly here in Winnipeg.  Had to break down and  turn the heat on to take that chill out of the house, worked great. Funny,  I find that as soon as September came, Fall was not far behind, been cool ever since. But really I like it, my favorite season of all. Found myself still doing some Autumn decorating, I am  blaming  it on the cool weather.  My sweet prim pumpkin folk are out, though I have to admit I keep OLM's dolly out all year, much to cute to tuck away for the year. I'm looking for some of the little white mini pumpkins to put in a wood bowl but have not been successful  yet, will keep looking.......Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to work I go.  Wishing you all a wonderful  cozy day,  Warm Blessings Francine.

Bittersweet with prim pumpkin head

OLM pumpkin dolly, sweet!!!!!!!!

Red Cupboard dolly with crow


Friday, 12 September 2014


Morning Prim Folk,  Happy Friday to you all..... Today I go back to work,  guess it's about time. My holidays were great, loved spending my  warm sun-kissed days at the lake. Still hoping we can enjoy Autumn days there before closing for the dare I say Winter.  Fall has definitely   arrived here, very cool  temperatures
, the sun has not shone all week, missed seeing the beautiful Harvest moon too at night . But I am ready for Fall, this weather makes me think of cozy sweaters, wood smoke drifting in the air, pumpkins, caramel apples and cider. Still have my Black Eyed Suzies  blooming, Marigolds  and my beautiful Pee Wee Hydrangea,  so wonderful this year, loads of blooms turning bronze now. Will have to cut some and try drying them, anyone have an idea on the best way to dry Hydrangea??? Wishing you all a cozy September day, Warm Blessings Francine.
pretty Hydrangea

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Morning Prim Folk, Happy Hump Day to you all!!!!!!  Well here we are into  September and one can feel the nip in the air, got down to 3 degrees last night.  So, that did it, made me want to start some Fall decorating in the house this morning. Love this time of year, dried corn cobs  in a wooden bowl, Bittersweet,  gourds and those wonderful orange globes called pumpkins.   Makes me happy to place these goodies around the house, will do some outside once it warms up out there.   At least we are not like Calgary, a good shot of snow they had already, yikes!!! Better them then us I say.........Enjoy the day, Warm Blessings Francine.





Sunday, 7 September 2014


Happy Sunday Prim Folk,  hope you are all well this fine September day.  It is a beautiful one here, sunny and warm...... Just came back in from spending a week out at the lake, sure was nice. I love our new camp spot so much.  Lots of relaxing, still enjoying the birds at the feeders, so many fine feathered friends we have never seen.  Been also gathering wood for toasty fires, the mornings sure have been cool lately. ..Cam build two screen doors for each side of the porch, more for blocking the wind, we now have a North wind blowing in on one  side of the porch. The other place we were more protected from the West and North winds,   but I still love this place better. The doors turned out rather cute, love the simple look to them. Not to much else happening,  the Long Weekend in St.Malo were fire works, they were really pretty for a small town, Dean came to visit one afternoon, always enjoy company.  And  my holidays are winding down, back to work Friday. I will try and catch up with you dear gals now, see what you have been up to...... Warm Blessings Francine.

porch screen door

sweet Dean

pretty fireworks

Downy Woodpecker on suet log

my sweet Angel saying hello
a huge Moth I saw on the screen one morning

Monday, 1 September 2014


Morning Prim Folk,  Happy Labor Day wishes to you all!!!!! I cannot believe September is upon us already. Where did summer go???? Not that I am complaining, I love Autumn, my favorite season, how can one not love pumpkins, the colors of the leafs changing, warm days, cool nights, bring it on!!!!!!!!  I actually feel Fall in the air here, the nights have been cooler,  shorter days, the sun shining lower in the sky and Geese flying here and there, honking as they go.   As I sat drinking my coffee in my comfy chair, I noticed the sun shining  in  the front window on my quilts, rather a cozy picture.
.......Wishing you all a beautiful sunny day, Warm Blessings Francine.