Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Happy Hump Day, middle of the week already, wow, August has also flown by. Guess you are all looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend, hope you and yours will have a wonderful time.   We are going back to the lake this afternoon, popped in to get the mail, water flowers and say hello to you great gals, you make me so happy when I read the comments you leave on my posts, and also to read about what you have been up to on your blog, your friendship means the world to me.   I will be catching up on your blogs after my post, just wanted to keep in touch and show a some pictures of us at the lake.    The weather has been so hot and humid once again, was hoping it was all over with but guess not,  at the lake it`s not as bad, nice breeze blows off the lake so not as hot, the evening and nights are cooler.    Just been relaxing and reading, enjoying the great outdoors. We will be in Saturday to pick a winner of my Bring On Fall giveaway, good luck to all who entered, till then, play and stay safe my friends, Blessings Francine.






Monday, 27 August 2012

Good Monday Morning,  beautiful one at that,  the sun is shining, Chick-a-dee saying a good morning to me, all is good back home.   Had a wonderful visit yesterday afternoon with Mom and Sister, they stayed for a  supper of grilled chicken breast, mashed potatos and corn on the cob, yum yum,  then we made our way to the bingo hall.  Well, I won a game, yipee, was worth $90.00, and my Sister also won a pot worth $85.00, but poor Mom just sweated lots, no win, but she did enjoy herself, we seem to have fun wherever we go.     I also am  still  tweaking in the kitchen after putting up the cupboard, decided to put my mashers together and hang them up on the same wall beside the wood trencher.  Thats my newest wood masher I bought on my trip on the right, love the handle on it.  So for now thats how it will be,I seem to always decide I don`t like it after awhile but liking the change so far.      We are off to the lake in abit, will spend my last week of holidays there,   missed sitting by my crackling fire, so can`t wait to get there,  have a new book to read, will hook a  pumpkin mat and just relax and enjoy the great outdoors.    Will be home Wednsday to water the plants and get the mail so will say hello to you then.   Enjoy the day, Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Happy Sunday Primfolk, hope all is well with you fine gals this morning.   It is so nice to be back home,  sleep in my own bed, ahhhh, but I do taking little road trips to.  Enjoyed my coffee this morning on the swing outside in the sunshine, the days here have been so beautiful, day low 20`s,  nights low teens,  great for sleeping with the windows wide open, Fall is creeping in,yey!!!!,   the days are surely getting shorter, dark around 9:00 now.    Spent yesterday putting our things in order after our trip,  should be doing laundry,  yardwork but what do I do,  I start redecorating the kitchen, oh no!!!       I have had this cupboard my Brother made me for years now, I used to have it in the upstairs  bathroom but bought another cupboard  to hang in there,   so just had this one hanging around,  wasn`t to sure where to hang it.    Well, thought I needed a change on the kitchen wall, so that is where I decided to hang the cupboard.     Like it, now what to put in it,   oh boy,   tried a few different things, nope,  didn`t like them.   Had to take a coffee break and think a little harder,   it worked,   came up with putting in the Ball jars that I collected over time,   well, I liked  the look.   So, today I`m  doing laundry, yardwork, things I put off yesterday,  oh well, like my tweaked up kitchen now.       My Mom and Sister are coming over this afternoon  and we are going to play bingo this evening  at the Eagles Club where Cam calls bingo,  Mom wanted to try her luck,  so who are we to say no to Mom, tee hee.    Hope one of us will win a pot or two, well, can`t blame a girl for dreaming can you.     Wishing you all a wonderful day,  enjoy, Prim Blessings Francine.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy Friday, I`m back....... got home a couple hours ago, decided to drive home today, nice to go away but also nice to get home sweet home.   All and all had a really nice holiday, had fun, eating out, no dishes, antique shopping, wonderful.   I still have a week of holidays to go, so we will be going to the lake Monday for the week. I came home to 2 packages, yey!!!!  one from Christina from Pendleton Primitives giveaway and I had ordered one of Carol from Buttercreek Farm,love that name,mouser pumpkin bags, well the pumpkin bag is so sweet, love it so and Christinas bag pillow is wonderful to, the smell, my favorite cinnamom, and she tucked in a jar of primitive oatmeal soap balls and another with shells and little wax stars, so thoughtful, thanks gals.  Took some pictures along the way,  hope I don`t bore you, yawn,  also hit a yard sale and antique shop, good day indeed.   So hope all is well with you, enjoy the weekend, thanks for stopping by, Blessings Francine. 












Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Happy Hump Day Ya All, greetings from Montana, Big Sky Country. Sure hope you all are having a good  day so far.    We made it to Montana at around 7:00, long day on the road, was not planned, but each town we came to along the way were full up or no pets,oh no!!!!!   So we keep on driving and driving till we came to this little town of Plentywood,Montana. Found a room, went and had supper and then relax the rest of the night.      Well gals, I went and blew some money at an antique store that was out of town leaving Devil`s Lake, and oh boy, the lady told me that in the kitchen room everything was 50% off,  yippee yahoo!!!!!   So, needless to say I bought more then I would have.   Found a nice old wood bowl, blue enemal bowl,  little kids gloves,ahhhhh,   sweet small corn dish, quilt mat, wood masher, love the handle on it,well, you can see what I bought, all for $59.00, part of my winnings.    Now, in this town guess what, there is an antique store so guess after breakie I go take a look see.    Then on our way back into Canada.  Sure has been hot, in the 90`s,whew!!!    Beautiful scenery, rolling hills, feilds of corn, sunflowers, cattle but oh so dry.    Snapped a few pics, so enjoy.  Till next time, Blessings Francine.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Happy Tuesday, greetings from Devil`s Lake,  North Dakota, we made it safe and sound.   Found a little Motel on the outskirts of town that  is pet friendly and has wireless internet,YEY!!!, so I can keep in touch with my blogging friends,  I would have missed you all terribly.     Yesterday found a Thriftstore and inside a nice old Turkey candle for $3.00, then hit an antique store and bought this sweet little crock for $10.00, have to watch my pennies, we are only starting our trip, tee hee.      Last night we thought we would try  our luck at the Spirit Lake casino for abit, well I did come out ahead with $80.00, yahoo!!!! more spending money, Cam won some to,  all and all a  good night.  I only play the penny machines and do not play max but am happy with my winnings.    Then took Angel out for a little walk, the night air was so fresh and calm, then came back, put my jammies on and relaxed before bed.     The morning will find us traveling down the road to Minot, will be in touch if we find another wireless Motel,   if the good Lord willìn, hope so.   Enjoy the day my friends, Blessings Francine.



Sunday, 19 August 2012

Good Morning, it is a very cool morning here, the Hummingbirds are flying around the feeder needing a little suger, me coffee,oh ya.     Had a wonderful time with my Mom and Sister yesterday, got alot done at my Mom`s,  her closet looks great,  can see the floor now, tee hee.  Also cleaned her birdie cage, she has a hard time doing it. We had bought her a little yellow Canary for her 80th Birthday, she loves her birdie Baby, it sings to her all the time but Baby is a little messy.    Then we went and had supper at Joey`s Fish and Chips, so good, love their fish,so crispy and yummy.     Then came back home,and sat outside looking over the flowers,  some blooming none stop,others not so good,   will have to get into the garden today and do a little work, been having to much of holiday fun.     Monday morning we are off on our road trip, yey!!!!  love to take to the open roads and travel the small towns, visit the antique stores and second hand stores looking for treasures, oh, and the differant resturants from what we have in Canada, enjoy trying other places to eat,always a treat.  I will bring my laptop for there are hotels you can use it,  so will be keepng in touch, for I shall miss my blogging buddies.   Took some pictures last evening so will leave you with some garden flowers,    take care all of you and enjoy the day, Blessings Francine.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Boo Kitty

Happy Saturday Primfolk, hope all you are just doing fine this day.    We came in from the lake and I found a little parcel on my front step,yey!!!!       I opened it up to fine my sweet Boo Kitty giveaway win from Brenda at The Rusty Thimble, ahhhhh, so so cute.  Thanks Brenda, love Boo and shall keep him out now, Fall is creeping in slowly.   The weather has a hint of coolness to it, the shorter days, cooler nights,  yes,  I`m loving it.       Had a wonderful time at the lake once again, so relaxing.    Cam is going to his Daughter-in-law`s Bday party and I`m off with my Sister to do some work at my Mom`s, then go out for supper with them both. Enjoy the evening, Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

$1.50 LUNCH BOX,SWEET!!!!!

Happy Hump Day, hoping it`s happy for you all.  We came in from the lake a couple of hours ago, good day to be back, rainy and cool, the other days were just perfect for the lake, sunny and warm, you sure can tell Fall is coming, a hint of coolness in the night air, oh ya!!!    Enjoyed ourselves very much, the other campers are not there during the week,,  so lots of peace and quite.   Sat by the crackling fire reading and working on a hooked mat piece,  trying to hook a little pumpkin fall theme, coming along slowly, I`m not the greastest at hooking yet,  far from it, LOL!!!     Yesterday we went for a ride to the little town of Steinbach, not to far from our camp,  about half an hour.  Enjoy passing by the farms and looking at the barns, cows, goats  and horses, some live in  such darling farm houses,  always like to see how they are decorated,   guess I`m snoopy that way.     Anyway, we went to the Steinbach Thrift Store, I usually find a wonderful treasure or two, never lets me down, and it didn`t,    I found a sweet blue old lunch box and older blue Tea canister, really happy with them.   Then found some out of date Country Garden magazines,  great for reading at the lake.   Then stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut, I do enjoy pizza, mmmm was good, now I had my pizza fix for awhile    then back to the trailer we went.   We are home for  today then back tomorrow evening till Saturday, Cam has a family Bday party and I will help my Sister clean out my Mom`s storage closet, she kinda holds on to alot of, lets see, I`ll call it junk,  sorry Mom.  So I will catch up with some of your blogs,   till next time, take care, enjoy the day, Blessings Francine. 



Monday, 13 August 2012


Happy Monday Morning Primfolk, it is truely a beautiful one, cool with the sun coming up, love the mornings, my favorite time of day.    Sipping my coffee with Angel curled up by my feet, she is such a good little girl, love her to pieces.     The Hummingbirds are buzzing around the feeder, the Chickadee`s are enjoying there breakfast of sunflower seeds, all is well.       We had such a wonderful time at my Sister`s last night visiting my Niece,her husband  and baby Oscar, oh my he is a sweet little boy.   He acted a little strange at first but warmed up to his kooky Aunties right away, we had him smiling in no time, funny how the sillier you act the funnier it is.  Also was so good to see my sweet Niece Amanda, she is such a lovely girl, love her so.      All in all it was a great visit, but good-bys are bitter sweet, don`t know when we will see Oscar again, they grow up so fast.      On the way to my Sister`s there were a doe and two fawns in a yard, oh how pretty, I took there picture, the mom was watching us as the babies were eating right in someones front yard. My Sis says they just wonder around the yards eating everything from garden plants to bird seed but I still love deer, think they are one of God`s most beautiful creatures.         We are once again off to the lake today, will enjoy 2 days there and be back Wednesday, so till then, take care,Blessings Francine.







Sunday, 12 August 2012

Good Sunday Afternoon, hope all is well with you all.  Just came in from the lake, staying home tonight then back out tomorrow to the trailer, oh happy day.  Had a wonderful time, the weather was so nice and the nights cool,love it. The stars shine so bright out there,and so so many, enjoy stargazing at night as much as bird watching during the day.   My Mom, Sister and her boyfriend came out for a barbacue supper yesterday, was so nice to have them come out. My Mom really enjoys being outside, she had so much fun watching the Hummingbirds, flitting about.   The supper of steak, corn on the cob and new potatoes was so yummy, and my Sis brought dessart, a lemon and my fav apple pie, yum yum,we all had  a great time.    Tonight I am going with my Mom and Sister to my other Sisters for her Daughter`s in from Toronto with her 7 month old baby, Oscar, can`t wait to see and snuggle him up, oh boy.  We have only meet him once, at Easter so we are really looking forward to seeing Oscar once again. Will be taking pictures of him for sure, enjoy your evening as much as I will mine, Blessings Francine.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Happy Friday Primfolk, well, hip hip horray!!!! this is my last day of work then I`m on 3 weeks holiday, yippee yahoo!!!!!  off to the lake we go. We will leave for the trailer this afternoon, but will be back and forth checking the house, getting the mail and of course I will be catching  up on what my wonderful blogging buddies are up to.   Cam also volunteers at the Eagles hall calling bingo Sunday night and Wednsday afternoons so I will be blogging a bit in between my time away.  We will spend most off the time relaxing at the lake, Cam fishing, I will be reading, rug hooking and relaxing, ahhhhh.   The second week we are off on a little road trip into the States, yey!!! the Peace Gardens then carry on to Devils Lake, Minot and see where else the road takes us. Love traveling the back roads and through the lovely little towns, hopeing to find some treasures along the way, will be sure to snap alot of pictures.   So  take care my friends, enjoy the weekend, till next time, Warm Blessings Francine.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Good Day Everyone, really nice day again today, no humidity just sunshine and cool breeze gently blowing, ahhhh, so great.   Decided to do something different with this big ole 15 gallon Red Wing crock I have.  Years ago  a neighbor wondered if I would want it since I love old juck,  as he had put it,  and of course I said why yes,  I would love to take it off your hands,  my heart pounding.     He had said it has a crack, no use to him,   but if I could use it. So I have had this beautiful old crock sitting in the porch with some quilts rolled in it,  time for a change,  I told myself.   Wanted to move it to the living room,well, roll it to the living room, kinda heavy,  and I got it there finally after a few rests in between.    I turned it upside down and thought I would use it as a table beside my antique loveseat, and that is what I did.   Put an old tin hat box, then placed a prim candle on top,  well, it is something different.    I do like it, might try and find a round wood lid that I could use on top of the crock instead of turning it upside down but will leave it for now.   What do you prim gals think????    Wishing you all a good afternoon and evening, Prim Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Happy Hump Day Primfolk, wishing you all a great one.  Wow, the weather here sure has been perfect lately,  sunny but not humid and cool nights,  love this tme of year coming up,  hip hip, hooray!!!!     Not much new here, but will tell this little story about my Mom`s violet plant.   She has had this plant for many many years, never blooms, she wonders why, mine are in bloom so much and she`s sad her`s is not.    So, one day Mom says to me, take my violet plant home and see if you can make it bloom, well gals, the violet plant she is a bloomìn, took a few months but it`s got flowers.  Very pretty flowers, pink and white, showed Mom the other day and she could not believe it,  to funny,  guess I have my Grannies green thumb,yey!!!!!      Enjoy the day, Blessings Francine.

Monday, 6 August 2012

rusty picnic basket

Good Monday Evening Primfolk, well I`m back from the lake, had a wonderful restful time,weather was perfect, not to hot with a merry little breeze blowìn and cool night, perfect.   My flowers are a little worse for wear there, been so dry, but blooming a little for me, took a few pictures. Had a  great time birdwatching, took a nice picture of the Downy Woodpecker.     I once again was a picker, garbage that is, I went to throw our garbage in the cage, it`s all closed in from the bears and other creatures and here  I just happened to look in the corner of the cage through all the garbage bags, saw something rusty and white., well, leaned in and pulled out this nice old tin picnic basket, yipee!!!!!. It`s a little worse for ware but I think it`s great, will keep it at the lake with my other one, comes in handy for storing things in it,  good garbage find.       My girlfriend came down this afternoon with her sweet Grandson for lunch, had a good time with them, he is such a good little guy.  Now we are at home and I`ll do some blog catching up, wishing you all a great evening, Blessings Francine.

flowers infront of trailer

pail of flowers at the birdfeeder

Downy Woodpecker

Cheryl and Dean
My Little Angel