Saturday, 31 March 2012

Morning,well,found some great old treasures at the church rummage sale last evening.  Came home very happy, was decorating half the night,all pumped up,tee hee.    Found this cute old rocker,never meet a rocker I didn`t like, in other words,I`m off my rocker,Ha Ha.    Love it even though the seat is broken,but for $2.00,thought I would give it a good home,the prim dolly likes it.  Hope you enjoy my finds as much as me, have a great Saturday,Warm Blessings,Happy Francine.

Also found these sweet Punkin Head childs dishes,love them so. Put them on the shelf when I got home last night. Bought them for $3.00,what a bargain.
Well,can`t believe I found this Bonnie Blue enamel suger canister at the sale,booya!!!! and for 50 cents,Booya!!!! gotta love those rummage sales. Now I have three pices of this hard to find enamel ware.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This is my most resent item I won on the bidding wars. Spyed this old buttermold in the glass case where they hold and display the items,asked to see it,oh my stars,the pattern was a star,well,put down a bid,there was only one other bid,  and said another prayer.  The phone rang in  three weeks  once again I was the highest bidder, yelled,YIPPII!!!! not once but twice. Went to pick it up on a Saturday,paid my  $12.00,can you believe it,and now sits with my other molds,center of attention.    Well,that about does it on the bidding wars for now,wonder what I will find next time.  Thanks for listening and stopping by,Primitive Hugs,Francine.
Came across this little childs stove or maybe a salesmen sample,not to sure,but oh so cute.  It even has a cord to plug it in,the burners heat up, has the name Empire on it,just like the grown up stoves,tee hee.   Well, put a bid on it, did not think I would get it, but got the call in three weeks, I was the highest bidder.   Rushed over there,layed my money down,$24.50, did a happy dance,and came home,proudly displayed my little stove with little blue childs dishes.
This red rocker I fell in love with,had to try and win it.  It was at another 2Hand store out of town,(we take road trips to alot of them).  Put a bid of $45.00, and said a little prayer.   Well,three weeks later got the phone call,it had gone to the highest bidder but she had changed her mind,so I was next in line, YIPPII!!!!, my little prayer was heard.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Thats all folks, ain`t no more no more!!   That was my big Sunday.  Will retire to the sitting room.   I will watch one of my favorite shows,American Pickers,guilty pleasure.       May all of you enjoy the week ahead, thanks for stopping by, Primitive Blessings,Francine.
Speading Easter Joy!!!!!
Here comes Peter Cotten Tail, this bunny is also from Winners, a Birthday gift from my Sis last year to.    He sits in an old wooden bowl on the kitchen table, oh how I love him so!!!    Well,thats it for now,will put out a few more bunnies at another time.  A need a cvoffee break, hard work,LOL!!!   Have yourselves a great day, Spring Blessings,Francine.

Bought these bunnies one at a time. Found the big teapot one first,though the lady at the Antique store told me is is a chocolate pot,whatever,I fell in love .   Found the little creamer one next, then last but not least the suger bunny. It is a little differant in color but my heart does not mind,love them all.   The little tin eggs once held candy,made in England. Cutest pictures on them,more love.
Good Afternoon, well,here we are back to the cool weather,so stayed indoors and did some Easter decorating.    Love  Pussywillows,while the weather was warm,I ventured out and picked some,put them in a little enamel pitcher.  The cute eggs my Sis-in-law gave me last year, also the old candy container bunny.    I collect old postcards,fell in love with the old images on them,have many holiday ones.  The dishes are called Cross Stich,Britsh Empire Ware. I have been collecting them for years now,but are getting harder to find.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Good Evening,wanted to show the old wardrobe we had been given for free.   When it was given to us it had been outside in a backyard by a garage in  terrible condition, all but falling apart, but we  could see the possibilities of a wonderful  piece.  A lot of T.L.C. and it was brought back to the  beautiful antique it is.  One of my favorite pieces,it has a rod inside to hang clothes and a drawer down below, put it upstairs in a spare bedroom. Love it so, Francine.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Me  and my flower garden,happy happy,happy.  Well,thats all folks,hope you enjoyed some flower sunshine.  Till next time,Spring Blessings,Francine.
This is my Weeping Pussywillow tree that my sister  gave me for my   Birthday two years ago,sure hope it survived this winter and should be budding out soon.  I had planted it at the lake where we have our trailer, can`t wait to see how it faired.
I had planted flowers in  this old tool carrier and put it on a old laundry stand  outside of the little fence last year,might do something differant this year,what do ya think?
These are the lovely yellow Lady Slippers,they grow much smaller then the purple ones,and I planted them in the front yard,the purple and white Lady Slippers are in the backyard.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ahhh, a little piece of heaven,LOL!!!
This is my sweetie doing what he likes best.
Here I am doing what I like best,Antiqueing,yey!!!!
This is Miss Daisy,this was one of her favorite places,she could look out the window to see whats happening outside.  She passed away last Spring,we miss her but she lived till the ripe olè age of 20.
Here is a picture of my girls playing tug of war,that poor little lamb.
Good Afternoon, enjoying a warm and sunny day once again,to good to believe.  Just came in from doing some yard work, cleaning up the old birdseed on the ground,love feeding the birds but the mess they leave, thats a fine how do you do,LOL!!!!!!      Well,yesterday at my Mom`s she did win the scrabble game, in fact,I stunk,she skunked me, but had a wonderful time as I always do with Mother.     Still working on trying to  post some pictures,I`ll get it yet,will not give up.    A wonderful blog friend helped me out on telling me how to post somethings on my blog, Thank-You my friend.     Now how do I get rid of those little tools on my blog??,after every time I post something there are those little tools, how did I even get them on?????    I  am going to put out some Easter decor this weekend,maybe by then I can  take some pictures and post them on my blog,wow, don`t get to excited.      Supper is calling, have a great evening, Blessings,Francine.   

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Good Morning,the sun is shining and it`s another beautiful day,thank you Lord.      Still trying to get into this blogging thing,just can`t seem to get the hang of it,is it cause of my blond hair color,LOL!!!!    Can`t get any pictures on yet, so still a boring blog,boo hoo.      I am going to my Mother`s this afternoon,love her dearly,she still is going strong at 86,will enjoy a game of scrabble with her,how much do you want to bet that she wins,ha,ha.       Last night I heard geese flying over the house,what a nice sound to hear,Spring has sprung for sure now.      Till next time,Blessings,Francine.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Hello,a fine day here in Winnipeg.  The weather is so nice for this time off year,so mild,the snow is melting so fast.     I went out to feed the birds and noticed the tulips and daffodills are peeking out,yey!!! guess Spring has sprung.    Will take me awhile to get used to adding things on my blog,not to sure how to do alot of the posting but will give it a try.  Have a great evening,the days are sure longer with Daylights saving time,it gets dark around 8:00 instead of 7:00.   Warm Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hello out there,I`m a little teriffied ,for this is my very first blog.   I will try to post some pictures real soon,if I can learn how,silly olè me.    I have met some wonderful ladies on these Primitive blog sites,so I wanted to join in,feet first.   I guess my blog will be a little bit boring for now but will hopefully get my act together and show pictures of my little dog Angel,my home inside and out so you will get to know me better.  Thanks and welcome to my little part of the world.  Francine.