Saturday, 29 September 2012


Good Afternoon, wow,  it is a really hot day here in Winnipeg, almost to hot for this tine of year, in the high 80`s, whew!!!!                                               Just a quick little post to say my evening bonfire at my Sisters was such a great time.   Family, food and fun, what could be better.     The evening weather was just right, and the full moon was so so magical, loved the big ole Fall moon shining down on us, the stars so bright to.    We roasted Turkey brats, my first time having one and it was yummy, never thought a turkey weiner would taste that good but it was.  Then out came the marshmellows, can`t beat the taste of roasted mellos on a campfire, mmmm good.           The Sister  who`s house we were at bought me the cutest white pumpkin, love it so, she knew I wanted to get one and she had gone to a greenhouse and there was  white pumpkins for sale,   love my Sissy`s dearly, they are my best buddies to.   So that was my girls night out,  my Mom had a great outing as we sisters did to.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend my prim friends, Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Good Morning, sure hope it`s a good one for all you wonderful gals.      I`m very happy for yesterday I recived my Fall swap goodie package from Vicky at Paintspots and  Splinters, YEY!!!! and she spoiled me so.   I really love everything, she made me such great Fall treasures.  The scarecrow head,  so adorable,    little grungy candy corn, sunflower and pumpkin, so sweet!!!!     Also she put in a apple cider candle, my fav,  Fall tea towel and 3 gourds.   Thanks Vicky so much, was fun to be your swap partner this time around, always feel blessed to have such wonderful friendships in this place we call blogland.   Also want to thank sweet Amy over at Bubblebee Lane for hosting the wonderful swaps we all enjoy, great gal.   Enjoy the day, Prim Blessings Francine.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Happy Tuesday,  another golden crisp Fall day is apon us, love the weather lately, so perfect.           My girlfriend popped in with her Grandson  Dean yesterday for a visit,   she babysits him on Mondays,   the other days at the sitters.     Dean is now 9 months, he is a very sweet boy,  starting standing up and walking around the furniture, oh oh.     He is doing very well for having no Mama,   she passed away 3 months after giving birth to Dean,   she was only 21 years old, something to do with her heart,   so so sad.   So her son moved back home with Dean and Cheryl does most of the watching over Dean,   he is well loved and Granny is doing her best, it not easy for a young man to raise a son.                                     Cam has been cleaning up and picking his grapes, he has 3 grape vines and they were crazy this year, he`s been picking every evening pails and pails full, giving away and freezing some to, oh and has 3 batches of wine going, Salute!!!!       That is all about happening right now, wishing you all a happy day, enjoy,  Blessings Francine.


Sunday, 23 September 2012



Good Evening Primfolk,  hope all is well with you this fine Sunday.             We had a wonderful time at the lake,  the days were warm but the nights we cold, woke up to frost this morning,   but we were cozy in the trailer with the heat on.   There was fog rolling on the lake this morning to, looked so pretty, then the sun came up and warmed everything up.      I got alot of chores done, cleaned up the flowers,  put away the garden ornaments and raked up leaves, thought there was no end, lol.       We are planning to go till our Thanksgiving long weekend in Oct.,  just hoping the weather holds out.     Makes me so sad closing up the trailer for another season,  will surely miss our days there.         Wishing you all a warm cozy evening, Prim Blessings Francine.




Friday, 21 September 2012


Good Morning Primfolk,    chilly again this morning,  frost warning tonight  but we are still off to the lake this afternoon for the weekend.   Will have lots to do there for soon it will be time to close the trailer up once again.     The weather is supposed to be in the 50`s during the day but cool at night but thats o.k.,   we will be cozy with the heater on in our home away from home,    I`m still looking forward to go and sit by the crackling fire and enjoy nature.          Still can`t figure out what happened to my blog,  but oh well,  thats the way it goes I guess.    Thanks gals for trying, I do  appreciate all your help, you gals rock!!!!       Wishing you all a great weekend,  stay safe, Warm Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Happy Hump Day,  middle of the week once again,   can`t believe we hit the middle of Sep.,   seems like we just flipped the old calender page and here we are well in the middle, gads, time does fly.    The weather was so windy and cool yesterday I once again decided to bring up a box of Fall goodies and start in the porch,  aka,  T.V. room.    Cam added it on to the house and I really love to sit in there, comfy, cozy,  we can use it all year long,  even through our freezing old man winters.    So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, mmmm coffee and  sit a spell with me.

Started with the mantle, so much fun to decorate with the change of seasons, even if it is a fake, tee hee.    Then moved on to the front of the fireplace,  can`t seem to take really nice pictures and post them together so they look good but I`m still learning and learning...........

Next to decorate is the..... you know I forgot the real name  of what it really is called, can`t seem to remember what comes after cheese....... but anyway,  put two of my Turkey candles on top,  prim wax pumpkin and little crow tealight in a old tin mold, oh ya,  and the pumpkin picture I painted on birchbark,  I`m no artist am I.
Then I like to put a few goodies on the top of the old egg crate I had bought, love it so, has the name still on it,   Humpty Dumpty Co,    how cute is that.  In the red bowl put my prim kitty faces my Sis had made for me,  and prim pumpkin guy with black kitty to.  
Like to decorate the window sill to, I always have the picture, old lamp and  oval star box but put the little pumpkin and scarecrow man joining the display.    O.K....... are you still enjoying your coffee????? or did you leave me at the fireplace picture......yawn.   One more, no really!!!!!
Last but not least is one of my favorite antique pieces, the old Hallrack I bought at a garage sale many many moons ago,  fell in love right away with it and bought it right then and there, no ifs or ands or buts.. just paid the man $150.00,   thought I did pretty good,  don`t see them very often around these parts.  I always have the quilts on it but put the Jack-o-lantern pillow that my sweet Sis also made me, ta da!!!     Well gals, there you have it,  thats all for now Primfolk,  enjoy the day,  thanks for stopping by,  love to have ya,   Warm Fall Blessings Francine.

Monday, 17 September 2012

More Pumpkins

Happy Monday Morning Primfolk, well it`s mighty chilly morn, very close to zero last night here in Winnipeg,  nip in the air for sure this morning.                      Cam bought me some more smaller pumpkins yesterday while I was at work,  yes, real sweetheart,  so the evening found me doing some Fall decorating in the livingroom.      
Started on my old church pew placing the two small pumpkins,  witchy pumpkin doll I bought at Winners years ago , fell in love with her and the big wax pumpkin in a wooden bowl.
Then on to the quilt cabinet Cam made me many years ago, to many quilts he said and no where to put them,  I told him never mind I`ll find room for them all, never enough old quilts,   so he made me the cabinet,   there is a second shelf you can`t see,  and the quilt cabinet is full.                                        I bought the old crow decoy when we were on holidays in Detriot Lakes, Minn.  two years ago at an antique mall,   so many wonderful old goodies and I picked out the old crow, it was love at first sight, the ladies at the till were laughing at me saying out of all the things in here you buy the crow,  yup, thats what I loved. 


Placed the very dapper pumpkin guy  in my old sifter,  he is so cute,  gotta love the prim candy corn he`s holding. He sits really good in there to.
On to the white cupboard, looks really white in the picture, I don`t like it but oh well.  Cam made me the top piece  also to hold dishes or whatever,  I like to display seasonal goodies on it to.  The bottom is really a nice old kitchen cupboard, inside the drawers are lined with metal, guess for flour and all the good kitchen nesessities.  Bought it at a yard sale for $20.00, one of my favorite old pieces.   Well, thats all folks,   shall move on to another room soon.   Enjoy the day,  Warm Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A New Gift


Good Morning, hope all is well with you this Sunday morning.    It is another chilly  morning here, North wind is blowing.         Went to visit my Brother and Sis-in-Law last night to hear about their wonderful holiday.   They traveled many miles, visiting many States,  all the way to Kentucky, visiting Plantations,Civil War battlegrounds and many historical sites along the way.     My Brother is a Civil war buff, loves and collects everything  that has to do with the Civil war, he bought some really neat hats, old pictures,  find it very interesting, so much history.     Sis- in -Law bought many wonderful goodies to, old quilts, treenware, prairie bonnets and many other great items, was so much fun to hear and see all their stories, pictures and goodies.   She bought me a surprize gift, she is always so  giving,   I opened my gift and here it was the most beautiful old red glass ball that goes on top of a lightning rod,  I collect lightning rods, love it,  oh my,  so pretty.  I have only seen one red one here and they wanted hundreds of dollors for it so this one is really special to me.      She also gave some yummy melts called Prairie Cakes, mmmmm, the house will smell so yummy.    So was a very wonderful evening, family is everything, love mine dearly.         Wishing you all a great day ,      Fall Blessings Francine.


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Name Game

Happy Hump day, well this is the day I`m taking Karen from My Colonial Homes post challenge on how my blog name came about.    So here goes.........  One evening in the winter of last year I was searching the back pages of the Country Sampler directory,  wanting to find a few good primitive sites when I happened to find one,  well,  I was reading the post when on the side there was this blog list,  what the heck is a blog,     clicked on one blog and boom, prim heaven,  she was decorating her cozy primitive home for Christmas and showing pictures of rooms full of so much prim goodies.   I was so thrilled,  clicked on another blog name,   again,  wow,  here was this person showing me her beautiful home and the crafts she was creating, OMG!!!!  thank you Lord.     So from  one blog I just kept going,  entering the blog name in my favorites to see what they were doing next.     I  found some of their emails and began to email some gals  and some were so so friendly,  emailing me back, encouraging me to start a blog.      Oh ya,  I had just recieved a laptop the following year for Christmas so I was still learning,  how the heck was I to start a blog.       So one afternoon my girlfriend popped in and I started to tell her about these great primitive blogs I found  and  showed her a few and she said,  you can start one,  say what!!!!!!!   so thats how I started my blog with her help, but........... now a name.       Since I love everything primitive I wanted that in my name as well as stars,  have a thing for stars to.   I said Primstars,  well she started to laugh and said it sounds like Pornstars..... I agreed, so that was out, no thank you.     She said  why not Primitive Stars, ya, I liked the sound of that,  so that is how my name came to be.     My first post was March 11th  2012,    I was so so nervous,   what do I say,  will anybody read my lonely little post on this new prim blog.     I didn`t know how to put pictures on so it was a bit boring ,  by my third post I had my very first comment,   oh boy, was I happy,    it was from such a dear sweet blog friend,   Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm,   she had helped me many a time with how to do things on my new adventure into blogland.   Thanks Carol,   now I even have followers and such wonderful friends who comment and read my daily life going ons.    I cannot thank you  gals enough for being there to listen to my ramblings,  my life has become so much richer and  fullfilled,    this has been one of the best things I have ever done,  creating a blog and making so many great friendships in blogland.   I admire so many of you who work, craft, do it all and still have time to share your life with us,  I find such joy in  reading your blogs,   I`ve cried,  laughed  and prayed with many of you,  once again I thank you from the bottom of my prim heart,  Warm Blessings Francine. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Good Morning, hope this morning finds all of you well.   The weather here is really starting to feel like Fall is arriving, so beautiful, such a wonderful time of year, to bad it does not stay to long.          Yesterday at work I recieved my  25 year presant,  a I-pad 3,  really nice but I`m   still learning on my laptop never mind learning how to work the I-pad.      Working  at my job for  25 years you get to pick out  something from this booklet,  well, didn`t need alot of the gifts, camers,  flatscreen t.v., jewelery,  so thought the I-pad would be great.   Another girl has been there as long  so we picked out the same gift,  really nice,   I`m happy with it but will be learning all the features it has and I hear there are many things a person can do on it.   So will be playing on the I-pad today,    wishing you all a great day.   Blessings Francine


Sunday, 9 September 2012

 Happy Sunday Primfolk, sure hope you enjoyed the weekend so far,   I had a wonderful one.   Yesterday the weather was oh so crappy, windy, cloudy and cold but onward we went.    After filling our travel mugs with coffee,   off we went on our roadtrip to Lancaster, Minnisota,  only about an hour away.   The wind was behind us so that was good,  crossed the border  then hit the cute little town of Lancaster.   Hit three yard sales down one dirt road,   found a nice old cola drink case at the first sale, thought it would be a  good shelf with all the compartments, paid $7.00,    another sale,   3 nice pinecome candles and 2 old flower books,  spent  $4.00,  didn`t find anything at the other sale.    Then hit the town Hall rummage sale and found this sweet Shawnee  corn bowl for.... get this..... fifty cents, ya, thats right...... did a happy dance  and  thats it for the hall but what a find.    Hit a few more sales but nothing to great,   bought this little green frog for the garden,    25 cents,  found this box of pine scent insence,   my dear Father used to burn them in our fake fireplace when we were kids, burning one was like you were really burning a fire, the smell brought  back very fond memories of my Dad, so had to buy them, $1.00 for happy thoughts.   So thats all  my buys for the day,   I`m very glad we came to take a look see.    We were a little cold,   that North wind blew right through you and hungry so  off for lunch then on the way back home.   And how was your weekend??,   will catch up with you gals now,  enjoy the evening, will leave you with some pictures of the festival and my buys.     Warm Blessings Francine.





Friday, 7 September 2012

Happy Friday Primfolk, hope this day will all find you well.     Sure was a cool night last night,   dipped down into the single digits,   oh ya,   great for sleeping tucked under the covers,   always have the window open, love that fresh air.     Cam bought me my first pumpkin, yey!!!!   was so happy when I came home from work,   love it.  So did a little decorating with it,   pulled out the ole Scarecrow,   he`s getting a little bit haggered but still like him,  then my old orange wateringcan,    placed in my wooden wagon with that pumpkin and there is a start to the outside decor.       We are heading out early tomorrow morning to the little town of Lancaster,   first town across the Minn. border,   they are celebrating with a Fall festival and town rummage sale so I want to go and see what goodies the town has, might just find a grand treasure.   It is only about an hour away,  the weather supposed to be just right,  sunny and around 70, perfect,  hope all that humid hot air is gone.     Will take my camera and take some pictures of the town and maybe, hopefully some goodies.      Wishing you all a great weekend,  take care, Warm Fall Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Happy Humpday Primfolk,  nice cool morning, still dark here, Fall is really creeping in slowly, yey!!!!!   Hi Ho, Hi Ho it`s off to work I go,  back to work today,  holidays are over,  oh well,  have to get that paycheck to buy more prim goodies, tee hee.   The weather will be finally cooler this week, nights dipping down,  time to start nesting  and cozy up the home,   love this time off year.   Slowly putting out some Autumn decor, I also feel the need to buy a pumpkin,  something about those orange globes that make me so happy, never have enough of them around.  Maybe will head to the farmers market this weekend, se if I can buy one there, love the Cinderalla pumpkin,  surely need one of those.     Well, best get ready for work,   enjoy the day, Pumpkin  Blessings Francine.  

Monday, 3 September 2012

Happy Labour Day!!!!,  hope everyone is having a great one.  Came in from the lake a couple of hours ago,  now for the fun part,   laundry, cleaning and the putting away of things,   back to normal,  ha ha.      Had a really nice week out at the lake, the weather was great, though hot again today but the week ahead holds cooler temps, yey, Fall is really ahead.    I spent my days reading sitting by the fire, always had a fire  burning  and just relaxing.   Also did some tweaking at the lake on the porch, can`t help myself, tee hee.   I brought this little white dropleaf table from the basement when we popped into the house Saturday and placed it on the porch.   Thought it will come in handy when we have company or just to sit outside and eat our meals, so that is what  I changed, had a little bench there before but think the table looks better. Put the old oil lamp, birdhouse,old coffee tin with firestarters and some flowers for now,me likie!!!!       Will be catching up with you all on your blogs this evening,  see what kind of long weekend you had. Till next time, enjoy the evening, that moon was so beautiful the last couple nights, wow.    Blessings Francine.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Happy Saturday Primfolk, hope you are all enjoying this Labour Day long weekend. Just poped into home to pick a winner in my Bring On Fall Giveaway, then we are back off to the lake till Monday, back at work Wednesday,  yuk!!!!      So now, the winner of my giveaway is,  drumroll please,  bom bom bom....... Kim, from Millies Mats, yey Kim,   could you please email me your address and I can pop the package into the mail on Tuesay, Congradulations Kim, email address, Cadupuis7@mymts.net,  thanks.  Thank you for all entering my first giveaway, was so much fun, you gals rock, I love this blog we are all in.    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, will try and catch up with your blogs to, Blessings Francine.