Monday, 30 September 2013


Good Morning Prim Folk,  hope you all had a good weekend,  here we are on the  last day of September,  can't believe how fast the summer flew by.   Cannot complain about the weather we have been having, so nice these Fall days are, trying to be outdoors as much as possible.........Last evening though I decided to do a little more Autumn decorating inside,  still have a few more goodies to put out. So I lite a pumpkin spice candle and went to work, enjoyed myself, love this time of year and all the pumpkin goodness.................Then I went and payed my Son a visit, hardly get to see him even though he lives so close to me. His job keeps him busy and his friends, so I have to sneak a visit in when ever I can. Enjoyed my time with him last night as I always do when we are together. We sat outside on the patio,  he has a beautiful big back yard and we watched some little bush  bunnies chasing each other, he does have so many critters around for there are  bushes and trees surrounding his property, very nice..................Wishing you all a beautiful Fall day, Blessings Francine.
oops, blurry again,gads!!!!sweet prim black kitty heads my Sis made me

say cheese Mr. Pumpkin head

Fall on the mantle, what!!!! a green tomato peeking out.

which way to the corn maze???

Bittersweet on top of kitchen cupboard

Friday, 27 September 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  well, here we are on the last weekend of September, whew!!! did this month fly by, can't believe how fast.  The weather has been so beautiful though,  really enjoyable  to work out in the yard, take a walk , just  to be outdoors.............We decided to go to the lake Wednesday afternoon for the night, was a perfect Fall day, a little windy but still sunny and warm.  The landscape is changing into Autumn colors, so pretty. No one else was there so we had the campground all to ourselves, so peaceful and relaxing. I really enjoyed myself for knowing one more weekend here and it will be time to tuck the trailer in for a long winter's nap, the water and power will be turned off on  our Thanksgiving this October 14.  So  I took a few pictures of the leaves starting to change color and we went for a ride not far from our campsite to see these beautiful bison by the fence, we have never seen them this close so I went out and snapped a few pictures. The big Bull was watching me closely, what a magnificent animal, there were little ones too, so cute..................Wishing you a great day, Fall Blessings Francine.
across the lake
down the road
at the trailer
beautiful bull bison
the  buffalo herd

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Happy Hump Day Prim Folk,  such a beautiful  morning here once again, this Fall weather has been so  wonderful. The evenings have been so nice, to nice to come indoors for I know what' s around the corner and I will be inside nesting for many months, so I try to be outdoors now as much as possible.......I enjoy  going  for a walk at dusk this time of year when the days are shorter and   the lights are glowing in the windows of houses down the street, always have been drawn to that warm golden glow shining in the window, so comforting and cozy looking to me........So, I happen to be looking on primitive sites on Pinterest last night, yes, once again I find myself lost in all these wonderful pictures and found some that I loved with that soft golden light shining,  I find it so soothing, hope you do too..............Wishing you all cozy comforting days of Autumn, Blessings Francine.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  it is a beautiful warm morning here, the weather has been really  nice lately, warm,  windy  but I'll take it. Supposed to be nice all week long, been getting my yard work done anyway, cleaning up those flower beds............Woke up yesterday morning to a very messy pond and  half eaten Goldfish laying around it, a naughty  Raccoon has paid us a visit and helped  himself to our fish. He didn't even eat the whole fish, ate the heads and left the rest,  what a very bad bandit. Knocked off the ornaments around the pond, pulled out the water lily, what a mess, now we only have about six fish left, he ate the really big ones and my favorite, a white and orange fish with a nice big fan tail, arrrggggg!!!!!...............Popped into the Thrift store last evening, before The Voice, love that show, but anywho,  found a few Fall goodies and cute little blue bowl, has a wee chip on the top rim but that's ok, for  a buck I'll give it a home. A cast iron pumpkin you can put a candle  in, sweet!! three big decorative corn and a little white pumpkin, I'm happy.
................Wishing you a wonderful day, Fall Blessings Francine.......sorry for the blurry pics, something up with the camera, sigh. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Morning Prim Folk, Happy Sunday to you all and Happy First day of Autumn, yippee!!!!!!! Love these beautiful crisp golden days of Fall, the smell of wood smoke in the air, cozy sweater's and of coarse those wonderful  pumpkins.....................We had a great time at the lake, was so peaceful and the leaves are starting to change color, geese honking and flying up in  the  brilliant  blue sky, this time of year here in the Prairie's the sky is such a beautiful blue color and with the yellow leaves or hay fields,  truly  is spectacular.  Was a cool morning but lite a crackling fire, poured a hot cup of coffee and felt blessed for my little piece of heaven. Cam went out on the lake, no fish but he did  pick me  some Bittersweet, was a great time out there.   Then on our way back home stopped at a pumpkin stand on the side of the road  and bought a white and orange pumpkin and some gourds, happy happy. ................. We did come home yesterday afternoon for my Niece and her cute 18 month old son from Toronto  were in visiting my Sister  and BIL so they invited us for a get together  family barbecue, so we were definitely going to go and have a visit with them. Was a wonderful time as it always is, yummy food and family, can't get any better then that, plus we did sit out in the back yard with a fire burning in the fire pit,  oh ya . Oscar sure has grown since we last saw him, was a tad shy at first but then he was fine, talking and kept us laughing as kids do, soooo cute......................Wishing you a wonderful day, Fall Blessings Francine.

Friday, 20 September 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  it's Friday once again yippee!!!!! wishing you all a wonderful weekend,  only one more weekend to go then we are into October, wow!!!!, can't believe September is almost over.  The weather has been nice and cool here, not minding at all and that Harvest moon is so beautiful, almost magical shining through clouds last night.............We are off to the lake this afternoon, will not be many more weekends there, so I will enjoy my days there as much as I can. I have lots of wood to burn, loves me my campfires, reading, watching the birds and of coarse roasting a marshmallow or two, yum yum.  Hopefully Cam will get out on the lake and do some fishing, he does like to sit out on the lake for hours, and I am also hoping he will pick me branches of Bittersweet, it grows wild along the bank, will be looking forward to fresh Bittersweet to decorate with..............Also thank you for all your helpful comments  on my computer trouble, still can't figure it out yet..............
..........Till next time, Fall Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Moring Prim Folk,  Happy Wednesday to you all.........cool cloudy morn here, but did see the start of that beautiful full moon last night before the clouds came in, love that big ole moon shining in the widows..............Received my swap package yesterday from Allison over at Sew Many Girls and must say I love the pin keep,  pumpkin with a crow, can't get any better then that, two loves of mine, also a sweet little book about Mother's  and nice leaf candle holder that will look great at the lake, thank you Allison soooo much. A big thanks also to Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies Primitives for hosting the fun swap...................Question?, I am having trouble  putting a picture on my side bar, when I go onto Image, click on the picture I want to put on   all I get is a circle with a question mark going around and around, never did that before, what the heck!!!!!! want to put  different  pictures and can't, anyone out there know why or can help me, PLEASE, thank you...............Wishing you all a wonderful day, Blessings Francine.
crow and pumpkin pin keep

Monday, 16 September 2013


 Morning Prim Folk,  hope you all had a wonderful weekend,  middle of the month already, wow,!!!!!! but  I do love these golden days of Autumn that are slowly creeping in. Very cool  last night, dropped to the single digits, was a chilly morning , that hot cup of coffee was soooo good.........Guess that is why I found myself putting out some Fall goodies last evening,  hung in the little red bucket some indian corn with bittersweet,  a gourd from last year under the shoefly, can't believe it lasted a year,  pumpkin potpourri in a small yellow ware bowl, a sweet pumpkin gal on a little stool by the fireplace and on a  pumpkin mat three grungy wax pumpkins that smell so good, cinnamon and clove, such a warm toasty scent.  So far that is all I did, tell myself I am not going to decorate so much for the seasons but then I go into my seasonal trunks and  find things that I hold dear so I have to decorate with them, sigh..............Wishing you all a beautiful day, Fall Blessings Francine.


gourd under shoefly

yummy pumpkin potpourri

bucket on old hay hook

prim wax pumpkins

made by Kimberly of The Red Cupboard post

Friday, 13 September 2013


Happy Friday Prim Folk,  hope all is well with you.........Well, going back to work was not so bad, but did enjoy being a bum for my holidays, a person can get very  lazy, well, I know I can so just as well I get back at it...............Cam's tomatoes are turning ripe for the picking,  he just picked these big red ones off the plant,  all you will need is a slice for a sandwich, really huge this year and still many on the vine growing nice and plump. He received a seedling plant  from a lady that goes to the Eagles bingo where Cam is a caller for bingo, she said last year she had very huge tomato's and by the looks of these beauty's she meant it, never grew such big ones before..........Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,  Blessings Francine.
nice mater's

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Greetings Prim Folk,  it is a cool cloudy morning here,  we came home yesterday morning from the lake for it was raining and looking so dreary,  decided to just  go home,  that's ok. I had some things to catch up on anyway and tomorrow I go back to work,   but I sure did enjoy my holidays so much..............Also I found out I am a Great Auntie once again, my Nephew and his wife have a new bundle of joy, a sweet baby girl, Scarlett Ivy, can't wait to meet her................Want to thank you all on your kind comments on my prim pumpkin guy, Mr. Bittersweet, you made me feel really great about my attempt at crafting, your all sooooo sweet...................Last but not least,  God Bless all who lost their lives on this tragic day, 911, forever in our hearts........   Blessings Francine.

Monday, 9 September 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  hope all is well for you this Monday morning...........It is a rainy day here this morning, we were going to the lake to spend my last 3 days of my,  gulp,  holidays but decided to let the rain stop, supposed to this afternoon, then we will go............So, with the rain falling,  I decided to get crafty, by no means am I a crafter but if I want something bad enough I will try to make it.  Well, I wanted a very simple  prim pumpkin man so I found some things I had  around the house and spent the morning crafting.  Stitched a pumpkin head, then painted it, had a old horseshoe nail I  used it as the nose,  then put the head  on a cinnamon stick . Had a little burlap pillow I was not using so that's the body, stuck the head into the pillow,  slowly coming along,  tied some raffia for a belt, candy corn buttons and used old dried   Bittersweet for arms,  I  really can't get anymore primitive then him.
................Wishing you a wonderful day, Prim Blessings Francine. 

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Angel and I  on this big chair outside a rest stop
Greetings Prim Folk,  Happy Saturday to you all, it is a fine day here, warm and sunny with a gentle breeze blowing, perfect summer day............We came in from our trip to Ontario  a couple hours ago,  nice to be home once again but had a wonderful time visiting friends.  Beautiful scenery, love being out on the blue lakes, smell of pine trees, so  relaxing.   Yesterday we went fishing in the boat on a lake called Ord, quiet and so tranquil, we really had a great afternoon catching fish, we all caught fish, the other couple,  Cam and I , does not happen very often.   The first fish I caught on my brand new rod was a big Northern Pike, yippee!!! did he put up a fight, wow,  but I finally reeled him to the boat, always wanted to catch a big Northern, and alas I did. But the poor guy was really  scarred up, not to sure what happened to him but   he was 34 inches of game fish,  I thanked him and with a smack of the tail, he was gone, of coarse I let him go.  Then the Walleye started biting and they were all catching them but me,  I  just was catching smaller Pikes, but at least catching fish.... With enough Walleye for a good feast, 7 in total, but still not at the limit.  We went in closer to the shore for a last cast, well,  I felt a tug, reeled in my catch and it was a Walleye, oh ya, now we all caught supper......Went back to the friends home and  she cooked up those  yummy fish, so so tasty, always enjoy a good feed of Walleye........had a wonderful time visiting them but  now back at home till Monday, going to spend my last 3 days of my holidays at the trailer before I go back to work........ Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, Blessings Francine.
driving by beautiful lakes
through rock cut
fishing on Ord lake
my Northern
Cam holding up my big fish
a tasty bucket of Walleye

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Evening Prim Folk,  Happy Wednesday to you all.......Was a beautiful day here, cool this morning then just a nice warm sunny day. Went out and caught up on my yard work, weeded, cleaned the flower beds, many spent perennials that have bloomed out needed to be cut, really enjoyed the beautiful day  catching up on the yard work.....Then came in for a coffee break, my mistake was looking on Pinterest, Primitive  Fall  pins, well, such wonderful  pictures and how to tutorials, that did it.  Found one where you take dollar store gourds and grungy  them up to look prim, ok, I can do that and I did, for I had some of the gourds from last year. Like how they turned out, easy peasy too, dip each in melted wax then dust with cinnamon,  they smell good also.  I popped them in a wooden bowl with my old dried sunflower seed heads and now I have a start to some Fall d├ęcor, just like that, gotta love Pinterest, but to  addicting........Now that I bored you with my simple post, hope you have a nice evening, September Blessings Francine.
grungy gourds

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Afternoon Prim Folk,  hope you all are well, I have  missed you all, time to catch up and see what you have been up to.  Came back from the lake this morning, was a very relaxing time, didn't do anything exciting, just was nice to be out there, hope you all had a great Labor day long weekend too..... Can't believe September is here, but glad, for will really enjoy the cooler temps that come with the beautiful month, has still been hot and wow, did we have some wicked thunder storms at the lake, sheets of rain, hail, you name it, but then the sun would come out once again........Still enjoying the last days of my holidays,  still a week to go then back to the grind, not looking forward to that but will not think a bout the last  of my week off.....Doing some laundry, then out doors to clean up the flower beds, all these chores to do now......  We are in for a few days then off to see some friends in Ontario for a couple days. They have a house on very beautiful land out in the woods, do enjoy visiting them out there, maybe do some fishing on the pretty lakes in the area too........Wishing you all a great day, Blessings Francine.    

sunset on the lake last night

Humming Bird in the flowers