Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Happy Hump Day One And All, wishing it`s a good one.   We sure have had alot of rain here in the past few days, wow, the flowers are looking a little water logged, but today the sun is supposed to be out, yey!! and for the next few days.      Visited the Goodwill last evening, needed to get out,  didn`t find to much but came across 2 of these cute Scotty glasses, now I have 6 of them, all differant but like them anyway.   Put them in my carrier beside the Scotty jug I have, now where to find a place for them.   Did the walk around the house a few times, here, there and everywhere, then decided on top of the fridge, thats where they will sit for the time being, I can be so silly at times finding a spot for something.      Also have some new summer renters in the little yellow birdhouse.    Boy, the sweet wrens are just so busy putting twigs of every size in it, so much fun to watch them. But also found out they are camera shy, everytime I tried to get a picture of them, off the would fly, will keep trying.     Enjoy the simple things in life, tis a gift to be simple, Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Good Sunday Morning, hope your weekend is going well so far.    Our company has left, they are from out of town, so they wanted to be on the road early.    Had such a great visit with them, don`t get to see each other to often so enjoy there company when they come to town.   They had taken us out for supper last night to the Royal Fork Buffet, oh my, soooo good, made a piggy of myself, really do not eat like that all the time so dived right in.    Love the chicken, so good, and yes, had 2 desserts, how can you not, way to many to choose from.     Then came home , put my comfy pants on, ate way to much,oink,oink and we all  sat outside till dark.       Will enjoy the rest of the day relaxing sitting on the swing, I`m always there, my outdoor livingroom, watching the wonderful little Hummingbirds darting around the feeder.   Wishing you all a wonderful day,Warm Blessings Francine.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Happy Friday everyone, hope it`s a good one.   Want to wish our American neighbors a very Happy Memorial Day weekend, may it be filled with lots of love, laughter and good food.     Enjoy and have a save long weekend, be it going to the cottage,camping or just staying home.       We are having company this weekend so we will be doing alot of catching up, laughing and of course eating,tee hee.    The weather has been crappy of late, cool,rainy and windy, my poor plants are shivering that I had planted already but will warm up next week, keeping my fingers crossed,ha.       Take care, till next time I bid you adue, Warm Blessings Francine.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Good Afternoon, want to give a shout out to all the wonderful gals that helped me out and gave me ideas on what to do with my trencher. So many of you had such great  comments, means so much to little olè me.  I loved so many of your ideas but didn`t have the items you mentioned, will be on the look-out for the sunflower heads, gourds,rag balls and other great prim  goodies.    I played around for some time, and came up with my tin church, old wooden croquet balls and a enamel planter with viola`s, and thats what will stay for the time being.    I love to change things up for the differant seasons so will be decorating the trencher with prim seasonal goodies.   Thank you gals once again for checking out my blog and your kind comments, you are all wonderful blog friends and I look forward to more comments from you  and want to tell you all that  I also  enjoy  your blogs very much, from the bottom of my prim heart, Warm Blessings Francine. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Happy Hump Day, hope you all are fine and dandy this Wednsday.   I`m doing fine just having a little melt down on what to do with my looooong old trencher,so I`m calling on all you prim gals to give me some ideas,I seem to have run out.    I love it so, but it is such a long one that it does not fit just anywere.  We bought it when we were holidaying out West years ago, camping along the way, sight seeing and antiqueing, stopping whenever there was a antique store and let me tell you there were many, aahhhhh.   We were camped by this wonderful little town of Vernon,B.C. and popped into one of the stores there, well, it was love at first sight, wanted this trencher badly. Well, Cam said I don`t think we have room in the truck,we were packed up pretty tight, my heart sank.  We went back to our campsite and I was feeling a little sad, all I wanted was that beautiful old trencher.  The next day we were packed up and on our way when we pulled up in front of that antique store,well, I looked at Cam with a big smile and he  said o.k., we will make room, go buy it. I ran in there,right up to the trencher that was still there,yey, and brought it up to pay,$75.00 later I was the proud owner of this old trencher, the lady said that it`s from Belgium, but all I cared about that it was coming home with me.   I had it on the table with pumpkins in the fall, pine boughs in winter then finally put in under my church pew with pinecones, me loves me pinecones, I pick them up whenever there around,just me,LOL,and there it has stayed. Now I would like to do something differant with it just not to sure what,so any suggestions from you would be great, thanks for stopping by, Warm Blessings Francine.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Good Day Prim Folk, hope you all enjoyed the weekend. I did have a wonderful relaxing time away at the lake, sitting by the campfire, ahhhh.   Bought some flowers, in town there is a wonderful little plant stand, so I blew some money on her flowers.  Popped into the Antique store also,but just did a walk around this time, no buying.   Planted the flowers, and just sat back and watched the birds in action. The hummingbirds are back, as are those busy little wrens, for such a small bird they have such a loud voice, love them dearly. The beautiful Orioles are also back singing their wonderful song,I just love to sit and watch the birds as you can tell,also our little friend the chipmunk,drives poor Angel crazy.    The weather was good, did rain Saturday though but we did need it, rather dry there.    Cam put the boat in the water for the first time, the lake is so low, not much snow this past winter,yey!!!      But did hear that great song of the Loon, loooove it, makes me so happy, but back in the city we go.    Well, guess I bored you enough, yawn,   wishing you all a great week, Blessings Francine.   

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Happy Hump Day Everyone, hope its a grand one.  I love this month of May, the days are warm, nights cool, not to many bugs out yet, makes me happy.   Love to be out and about in the gardens getting dirty, seeing whats coming up and what I lost through the winter.   Lost a double Columbine, was so pretty, oh well, will buy another to replace it.  Posting some pictures I took last night of whats blooming now,thought  they wouldn`t mind,tee hee. Those red Tulips were nibbled on by a little Peter Rabbit this Spring but they still bloomed,yey!!!   I planted Hens and Chicks in the old tool holder, a wonderful friend gave me the idea,thanks Earlene, also bought and planted more succulants in there,like it so far.  Enjoy the day,stop end smell the flowers, life is good. Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy Sunday, giving you a little tour of some pictures  I took while we were at the trailer this Friday to Saturday.  It was the first night staying at the lake of the year, so happy to be back!!!!    The first two pictures are the sitting area, tryed to make it nice and cozy, though I`m mostly sitting outside.     The third picture is the kitchen table, had to bring my enamel table of course, I knew I had kept it for a reason, found the perfect spot for it.   Then  there is the bedroom, small but thats all that we need,   it`s my home away from home and I do really enjoy it. We had camped in tents for 5 years so this trailer is so special to me now.    There is a bathroom with small shower, and hot water, what a treat. The kitchen is small to, not much counter space, but does the trick.    We mostly cook over the open fire, mmmm mmmm good!!!!     Well, thats all folks for now, haveing a little trouble posting where I want to put the pictures, bare with me, what else is new,tee hee!!!.  Lake Blessings Francine.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Happy Friday Everyone, yey!!!!   I am really excitied for it`s the first weekend of opening up the trailer at the lake. On our way this afternon, booya!!!!   The weather is kinda crappy but I will have that campfire just a crackling, oh ya, love my campfires, always have one burning.  Second thing I do in the morning, plug in the coffee perk, go outside and light the fire, aahhhh.    I`m a big outdoors girl, always outside when I can.   I`ll bring my rug hooking, sit by the fire, have my cup of coffee, life is good and simple.      We are coming back tomorrow evening for a Anniversary supper, but it`s supposed to rain anyway, but will enjoy tonight at the lake.     Wishing you all a great weekend,enjoy, Lake Blessings Francine. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Also found this old Tea tin, I really like advertising tins, have a good collection of some.  Cam built me this shelf years back for me to put them on display, so I made room for my new Birthday presant tin.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Some shots of the front yard, not to much happening flower wise yet, but noticed a lot of the perenials are coming along, Yey!!
Love my old cookstove, found it at a yard sale at the lake.  It was in the bushes, asked if it was for sale, they hmmmmm and hahhhh, then said for $20.00 it`s yours.   Well, they helped us put it in the truck box and away we went, looking like Sanford and Sons,tee hee.   So it sits in the back yard still going strong.
Our fish pond, just filled the pond last week. The weather is still a little cool but they are happy to have more room to swim. Hope that bad old Mr. Racoon does not come and have supper at The Pond, he ate quite a few last year.