Wednesday, 30 January 2013



Good Morning Primfolk,  hope you are having an enjoyable one so far..........We are going back into the deep freeze this week here in The Peg, has been really mild out the past couple of days, so nice to go outside and not freeze instantly............. Popped into the Thrift store yesterday afternoon to go look for a little treasure or two.... found this nice Roseville mug, heavy as heck but love the color, for seventyfive cents, yahoo!!!!!,   a cute pie plate, love the little picture of farm life,  for fifty cents and a couple of old Country Home magazines, always enjoy to curl up with a good magazine,for 10 cents each, a total $1.45, well spent I think..............Going to visit my Mother this afternoon, always a joy to spend time with her..........Then this evening I am going with Cheryl to visit her son Blake in the hospital........Wishing you all a wonderful day, Blessings Francine. 

sweet farm picture
good reads

Monday, 28 January 2013



 Morning Primfolk,  another milder day here, so nice to have a little break from the cold, cold temps, but they are coming back I`m told..........Want to Thank you for all the prayers for me and the family at this horrific time, means so much to me, touched my heart............Cheryl is trying to stay strong for her boys but has her meltdowns, as is expected.........I have known her for many many years, she is my ex Sister-in-Law, I was with her Brother for 28 years but things happen....... Cheryl and myself have remained close, like another Sister, so it breaks my heart for her loss........I spent the evening yesterday watching little Dean while she visited her Son in the hospital, his legs and arm were really busted up but thank the Lord he is alive..........Dean is such a good boy, funny as children can be, even though no Mama, now no Papa, he is so so happy, he uplifted my spirits so much for that little while.......Once again thanks for your caring hearts,  much needed, Warm Blessings Francine. 

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Afternoon, this is a sad post for me today....My girlfriend Cheryl, the one who is helping her Son raise little Dean, her Grandson, lost her Husband last  night when a car hit him while he and both her Sons were helping tow one of the Son`s car out of the ditch.........There is a terrible stretch of road with sharp curves and while her Husband and one Son were in the back of the truck getting a chain out to use for towing the car, they both were struck by a car coming around the curve... but they were on the opposite side of the road, don`t get it.........Her Son, Dean`s Dad,  has both legs broken but it is her Husband that lost his life on the way to the hospital, the other Son was in the car............So so sad, I cannot wrap my head around this, but she could have lost all three family members...........Please keep them in your prayers..........Live, Love, Laugh everyday for you never know what lies ahead,  Thank -You Francine. 

Friday, 25 January 2013


Morning Primfolk,  another cold A.M.  here with  snow falling,  running out of room to put the snow in the yard......I shoveled the walk twice yesterday afternoon and the walk is loaded once again this morn.........Can`t believe it`s the last weekend of January already, but glad to see it go, maybe February will be a tad warmer weather wise, lets hope.......................I have no big plans this weekend,  hibernating in the warm cozy  house I guess,  will find myself be puttering around   decorating with a few more hearts for Valentines day that is  coming up fast,   maybe cuddle up and watch some movies, read a book, look through magazines,Pinterest...But... what I should be doing is decluttering, going through the basement that holds boxes of things I don`t use or want......but will I?..............Anywho, wishing you all a wonderful weekend, Enjoy!!!! Warm Blessings Francine. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Greetings From Frozen Winterpeg, hope you are all tucked in warm and cozy today, if where you are is cold, here once again this week is yet another frosty morn with a balmy -36 Celsius,.......I decided it will be a snuggle in kind of day, lite a yummy scented candle and delight in  looking over my older issues of Country Gardens magazines, will while away the hours dreaming of Spring gardening.........Stay in my fleecy P.J`s, sip a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the pictures of flowers blooming, will try not to look out the window, but I do love to watch my fine feathered friends at the feeders, gave them lots of seed on this cold Winter`s day............I recieved this little bag of flower seeds from my Neice for Christmas, they are called Flower Bombs, small balls packed with Wildflower seeds you just throw in the garden and viola, beautiful flowers, will bring some to the lake too..............Wishing you all a Happy Wednsday, Prim Blessings Francine.

Monday, 21 January 2013


Morning, what a time I had last night, I lost my blog, Google took it away on me, but I guess it was my fault. They wanted my email address, well, have a few, got mixed up, had tried to many, them boom, no blog....for my safety they said, my prim heart sank....Tried to do what they wanted, screwed that up, dug myself deeper, when it comes to computers, ahh, not to swift, anywho, everything stopped......oh no!!!!! I was so sad, going to bed with thoughts of losing all my wonderful blogging buddies, what am I going to do........Woke with a heavy heart, tried again to see if my blog was back while the coffee perked, NO, oh boy, went and had my cup of coffee........Then came back a while later, clicked on a comforting blog, The Cranky Crow, saw my name on the comments from her last post, clicked on Primitive Stars, and voila,  my blog came up, Oh Happy Day, Thank You Lord........I feel whole again................Wanted to wish my American blogging friends a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  enjoy the Holiday........Happy Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Morning Primfolk, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the warm cozy house, it is the coldest morning so far this week, will be -38 with the windchill today, oh ya, don`t ya wish you were here with me, HA, just a stay in cuddle up day I think.........Our fish fry supper last night was so delish, Walleye, french fries, coleslaw with cake and coffee to finish it off, so yummy then we came to our house and played a dice game called Farkle, well, Sister`s boyfriend won both games, woo hoo!!!!!!!    I have been on a mold kick lately, now I have been making hearts with the heart molds I have,  Valentines day coming up.....The little blackened hearts are made with wax, painted black then dusted with a cinammon, clove mixture....the other bigger red hearts were made with a mixture I had made Pantry cakes with before Christmas, I painted them red and also dusted them in the cinammon, clove mixture, they smell really good.........I don`t put out to many goodies for Valentines day but do like to show some love..........,Enjoy the day, thanks for your visit,  your always welcome,  Blessings Francine. 

Friday, 18 January 2013



Greetings From The Frozen North, been so so cold here lately, but the temp did rise up a little over night and woke to a layer of snow on the ground........thats the way it goes, fridged cold then warms up a bit and get snow............Happy Friday, any big plans for the weekend????....Me, not  so much, tomorrow evening we did buy tickets to a fish fry supper at the Eagles club, yum yum,  my Mom, Sister and her boyfriend are coming with us,  then will come back to our house and play a dice game, yey!!!!.....Thanks for all the concern about my Momma falling, she is doing well, you are all so caring.................Made myself a little prim blue quilted heart with a wee pocket, tucked in a flicker light, hung it on my cupboard in the kitchen, kinda looks cute.........I had seen a heart with a pocket on Pinterest, oh that Pinterest,  I spend hours looking at all the wonderful prim boards, my my, some great idea`s,  so that is my version of the pocket heart.............Wishing you all a warm, wonderful weekend, Prim Blessings Francine. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


prim snow angel

Morning Primfolk, hope this Wednsday finds you all well....... I  just had breakie, will pour another coffee and relax..........So cold outside still, this week we are in the deep freeze, that wind chill is not going anywhere, so it seems........Yesterday recieved a  snow angel in the mail from Brenda over at The Rusty Thimble, yipee!!!!!, love him so,  very prim fellow he is, I also ordered him before Christmas, that mail,   but I do  like to keep out some snowmen in the month of January anyway......... She is another wonderful prim  crafter, love her work too, she is creating all the time, busy gal.................This afternoon Angel and I are going to visit my Mom, do a few things for her, always odd little jobs to be done at her place, nice to take care of her now, she took great care of us all the time.  She had a fall on Monday afternoon but thank God did not brake anything or hurt herself badly, she hit her wrist on the wood piece of a chair so her wrist was swollen and sore but Mom said yesterday is was not as bad as Monday....oh I worry about her so, hate hearing when the old folk fall....................Slowly putting out some prim hearts for Valentines Day, but will do a post on that soon.........Also looking forward to watching American Idol tonight, I have to admit I enjoy Ryan Seacrest............Enjoy the day, Warm Blessings Francine.  

Monday, 14 January 2013



Greetings, hope you all had a great weekend,  now here we are starting another week,  already in the middle of January.............I had a very quite weekend, just laying low, kinda nice........The weather was the culprit, started out Friday evening with the blizzard blowing in then the fridged temps, still really cold out there, all week the days are with a wicked wind chill, oh well...............Yesterday I decided to make myself a beeswax lamb with a mold I had,  always wanted one,  so I melted a big beeswax candle I had bought last summer at a yard sale, poured it in the lamb mold, wow, had just enough with the one big candle, yey!!!!....let sit and harden most of the day,  then popped out the lamb,  very nice, melted the bit I left in the pot, sealed the mold together with it,  so far so good.......I like the blacked look so thought I would try to rub black paint on the lamb, then sprinkled cinnammon  and clove over it,  think the lamb turned out not to bad,  tied some homespun around the neck with a little rusty bell, put it in my wooden bowl on the table and thats all she wrote,  my excitement for the day.............Enjoy the day, Prim Blessings Francine.  

lamb in ther making

Saturday, 12 January 2013


front yard from the door

Afternoon,  well, we survived our blizzard last night,  woke up to drifts of snow in the front  and back yard....poor little Angel plopped down the front steps this morning to do her thing and was almost buried in snow, let me tell ya, she didn`t go out to far, came back in with no time to waste...........After breakfast Cam went out to blow the snow, took him awhile, he looked like a snowman when he came in.............We did take a drive to Wal-Mart for some things, Angel`s favorite treats and I wanted to look for a hoop to help me with rug hooking, Earlene told me to try one, makes hooking much eaiser, so I bought one to give it a try, no wood hoops, oh ya, plastic but oh well, shall give it a whirl............Now back in the cozy house and thats where we will stay, so cold out now, wicked wind chill tonight into tomorrow, think it will be a pajama day.......................Sue over at Wicked Faerie Queen is asking if any of the blogging community would be willing to help out her friend Brenda over at Resue Dogs Match, Brenda needs help with donations, Brenda helps last chance dogs from the pound and finds homes for them, right now she is waiting for a little dog from Tennesse who was used as a bait dog in fighting, the poor little dog has lost her tail, ears and Brenda wants to find her a warm, loving forever home....that is what she does, finds good homes for throwaways, bless her heart.... she funds the rescue with 3 jobs and donations, if you would like to help, send to, Rescue Dogs Match 6-425 Hespler Road   Suite 375 Cambridge, Ontario Canada   N1R-8J6, thank you,  also  visit Wicked Faerie Queen`s blog, Sue has 3 beautiful rescues from there..................I will leave you with some snow pics,  enjoy the weekend, Prim Blessings Francine.
back yard

snow blowing the back yard

front yard after I feed the birds

Friday, 11 January 2013


Good Morning Primfolk,   well,  we are in for a blizzard warning starting this afternoon, yikes, 20  centimeters  of  snow with 70 kilometer winds all through the evening into tomorrow ......will have to batton down the hatches,  snuggle in,  stay warm and cozy in the old homestead this weekend, thats o.k., I have good books, magazines  good snacks, coffee, we shall be fine...................Wanted to show what I recieved in the mail the other day,  I had ordered some  goodies from Olde Lady Morgan before Christmas for myself and they just came now,  but worth the wait,  love her prims so........the reindeer and little blue snowfellow are prim perfect,  she also popped in a sweet snowman half in the bag, as the tag said,  to cute......OLM is a wonderful crafter, if you like primitives, take a look see and  visit her blog sometime, ................Wishing you all a great weekend, Warm Blessings Francine.  

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Greetings Primfolk,  hope this Hump day  (Wed.) finds you all fine and dandy....... This morning is very mild once again but the wind ia a blow├Čn from the South..........I am going to my Mom`s this afternoon to put away her Christmas things for another year and have lunch with her, always enjoy just hanging out with Mom, she aways makes me feel special and loved like Mother`s do....................... Also, I am joining in on this Pay It Forward,   the first 5 who comment on this post will recieve a little something something sometime through out the year, a little token of friendship...........the catch is you will also have to Pay It Forward on your blog,  but hey, who wounldn`t want a little  surprise in the mail, this is open to the U.S. and Canada............if you do want to join in, I will need your address to send a goodie to sometime in 2013.........and if you just want to make a comment, your very welcome too...............Warm Blessings Francine. 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Good Morning Primfolk,  hope you are all well this Tuesday...........The weather is very mild for January, usually we are in a deep freeze at this time of year but nice to have it milder, but with the mild weather means more snow on the way.............. Yesterday had my girlfriend pop in with her little Grandson Dean, he had his first Birthday last month, he sure is growing, walking, jabbering  so much, not to sure what he is saying but sure is cute. Granny is doing a wonderful job raising him along with her Son,  Dean goes for some heart tests on Friday to check out some things as to why his Mom passed away at the young age of 21, so he goes for tests to see if he has any complications of the heart, linked to his Mother, hope all is well with the little guy.................Wishing you all a great day, Warm Blessings Francine.


Sunday, 6 January 2013




Good Morning Primfolk,  well,  I want to thank you for all your comments  to help me out on this darn google browse problem, did what Amy said to try and it worked, Yey!!!!....A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN, now I can put pictures on this post................... Enjoying a quite morning, sipping a hot  cup of coffee watching  two bunnies outside the front window,   two small brown furry balls against the white snow...............I do enjoy Winter, being born and raised here on the cold Winter Prairies of  Canada,  the winters are long and cold,  so we learn to enjoy our Canadian winters.......... as kids we were always playing outdoors, sledding, skating, building snowmen, then iwhen our feet froze we came in the warm house for a yummy hot cup of cocoa made with love from Mom, ahhhhhh good Winter memories..........  So Janurary I  find myself   is the time to slow it down,  snuggle in and nest,   don`t get me wrong, come March, I want Spring but for now I will cuddle in the cozy warm house, read a good book, start rug hooking and enjoy the winter landscapes.........I have always been drawn pictures of houses  on a snowy  night, the  glow of a lamp shining through windows,  warms my heart........so I thought I would post some pictures I love to warm you on a cold winters day............Wishing you all a cozy warm weekend, Prim Blessings Francine. 

love this blue farmhouse



charming cottage from the movie The Holiday


lovely old farmhouse

so peaceful

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Greetings Primfolk,  hope this Saturday morning fines you all well this first weekend of 2013........me, not so good,  went to post a picture on a post yesterday  and when I clicked on the picture to put a picture on the post,  no browse came on the square to click on it,  what the heck is going on now??????  can anyone tell me out there in blogland,  gads, seems there is aways something going on, and I am not to swift with these kinda things....so a boring pictureless post, if anybody knows what is happening or where the browse went could you please tell me what to do, would be forever grateful..........Wishing you all a wonderful cozy weekend, Blessings Francine.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Morning Primfolk,  hope everyone is fine this Thursday........The weather is so much milder outside, yey, shall go out later and take down my outdoor Christmas decor, maybe leave the old sled out for January..........Not to much new around here for the third day of 2013, still find myself eating apple pie with whipped cream and coffee, oh ya, boxes of chocolates, oh well,  the yoga pants still fit, for now..............I did manage yesterday to take the Christmas tree down, it was still doing o.k., not dropping many needles but was time to pack Christmas away for another year,  we will take the tree to the park and have it chipped for the garden,  but I did leave some snowfellows out.............Today I will pick up my hook and start to hook something, need to get back at it, will never get any better if I don`t do more rug hooking, that is all I told myself for the New Year, more hooking,  tee hee..............My older Sister bought me this star nightlite holder for Christmas, the lite melts the block of scent you put in the top, oh my, does it ever smell the whole house up, the melts she gave with it are Clove and Cinnamon, well, smells like I am baking, so so yummy............. Wishing you all a great day, Warm Blessings Francine.

star nightlight scent holder

Tuesday, 1 January 2013