Thursday, 31 October 2013



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

DAY 13

DAY 13, BOO HOO!!!!!!!
Morning Prim Folk, well, here we are on the 13th Day Of Halloween, sad to see it end.  A big thank you to our  hosts Robyn of Primlish and Misi  of 1890 Gable House Musings for putting together this fun chain.  I have had a great time with these gals, loved seeing the homes decorated with such wonderful Halloween goodness, so many vintage goodies. I really didn't think I had that much stuff, do like black cats and keep them out all year long. Also enjoyed reading a post from Ms. Cranky everyday, a real treat that is........................ ..........................So on this last day, my display is in front of the  fire place in the back porch.. Smiling Jack head, yes, had to have the black kitty doorstop in there and sat my prim Halloween  guy with his magic pumpkin wand on the wee bench. Wishing you all a Happy All Hallow's  Eve,  Boo Blessings Francine.    P.S. I am off on my broom flying to Manoman Minn. with my older Sister for a little 2 day getaway in about a hour, wish me luck, Cackle Cackle!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

DAY 12

Day 12
Morning Prim Folk,  another chilly morning here, in the minus, brrrrr, but no white stuff yet......................Day 12 of 13 Days Of Halloween hosted by Robyn of Primlish and Misi of 1890 Gable House Musings ..............................A simple display of black cats and pumpkins today.  Love the black kitty creamer, salt/ pepper and toothpick holder from the Thirty's, black wood bowl with pumpkin and black cat face candles, scary pumpkin face  wood box and hooked Autumn mat in the back.  Happy Haunting, Boo Blessings Francine.

Monday, 28 October 2013

DAY 11

DAY 11
Happy Monday All, hope you had a wonderful weekend.................Here we are at day 11 already on 13 Days Of Halloween hosted by Robyn and Misi. .......................Better put a jacket on, we are heading outside and ohhhh!!!! it is a brisk one this morning.   Hung my wreath on the front door, an array of  pumpkins on the bench,  cornstalks and Mr. Scarecrow is relaxing on the chair before the big night comes, he even has a pail of corncobs..... Come on in for a  hot cup of coffee now and warm up before you leave,  brrrrr.  Boo Blessings Francine.
Halloween wreath 
loves me some pumpkins
say hello Mr. Scarecrow!!!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

DAY 10

day 10
Morning Prim Folk,  wishing you all a happy Sunday.........................Day 10 of 13 Days Of Halloween, such a Thriller, Maaaaa-Haaa-Haaaaa. Thanks Robyn and Misi for putting on this fun chain. ................................On a shelf above the french doors leading into the porch,  I put a old decoy crow that I love with my corn pitchers and little pumpkin head with a flicker light,  the  corn cups are along the rest of the shelf, can't fit the long shelf in the photo :) Boo Blessings Francine.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


day  9
Morning Prim Folk, Happy Saturday to all of you...............Here we are at day 9 of 13 Days Of Halloween, sure been fun seeing  the girls decorating  their homes for the spooky holiday, so many wonderful  goodies and stories. The chain is hosted by Robyn of Primlish and Misi of 1890 Gable House Musings.................... I hung these reproduction pails of a  scary black cat head  and pumpkin  man on a peg rack in  the living room with my little black skater's lantern.  Sure wish I had the  Antique papier mache ones instead but these will  have to do................Boo Blessings Francine.

Friday, 25 October 2013


DAY 8 
Happy Friday Prim Folk, wishing you all a great weekend, last  one of October, really, where did the month go?????...............Day 8 of 13 Days Of Halloween hosted by those wonderful gals, Robyn and Misi.........................Placed this prim smiling Jack in the old sifter, Trick or Treat!!!!!!!! Till tomorrow,  Boo Blessings Francine.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


day 7
Greetings Prim Folk,  lucky day 7 Of 13 Days Of Halloween hosted by Robyn of Primlish and Misi of 1890.................Keeping with the black cats,  I tucked this one eyed   black kitty in one of my wooden bowls with  prim pumpkins and a old picture of a girl with her jack-o-lantern,  Boo Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  hope this Wednesday finds you all great..........................Day 6 of 13 Days Of Halloween hosted by Robyn and Misi, so far  I am keeping up so good!!!!!!! :)                                                                        This little black kitty Halloween display is on my wee table in the kitchen corner. The antique postcard is the only  one I own, the stamp on the back  is dated  1911.  I bought it many many years ago when Halloween goodies  was not sky high. The lady I bought it from had a bunch of them but I liked this one, if I had only known back then that Halloween items are so hard to come by now and very pricey I would have bought them all, but who would have thunk it, not me.   Boo Blessings Francine.  

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk, happy Tuesday to you all.................Here we are already at day 5 of 13 Days OF HALLOWEEN hosted by Robyn  and Misi, they really know how to have fun, the  Halloween chain  is great...........................This display is in the kitchen on the red and white cupboards cutting board, love this piece.  My Grandma used to have one like it when I was small, full of wonderful kitchen treasures, so I was happy to find a sweet little cupboard at a yard sale years ago.  Candy Corn  couple, jar with Candy Corn and other goodies.  Boo Blessings Francine.

Monday, 21 October 2013


Happy Monday Prim Folk,  hope you all had a great weekend................Here we are at day 4 of 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN hosted by Robyn and Misi........ These are my reproduction jacks, I cannot afford the real Halloween jack-o- lanterns for the prices are crazy high plus I never see them around these parts anyway. I enjoy these just as much, Boo Blessings Francine.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


day 3
Morning My Pretty's, Happy Sunday to you all...............Day three of 13 Days Of Halloween, hosted by Robyn and Misi.  Having some spooky fun  looking at the gals displays everyday  and  Ms. Cranky, your keeping up great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                      Sweet Joey and her crow, thanks OLM for letting me adopt her, love her so. Sat Joey on a prim milk stool with her pet crow, my dear Sister when she crafted made me some crows that I treasure, keep them out all year long too........Boo Blessings Francine. 
joey and her crow

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Good Morning Prim Folk,  hope you are all fine this Saturday morning................Day 2 of Robyn and Misi's 13 Days Of Halloween................This little bewitching display I put in  the top shelf of a  small cupboard in the living room.    Flying witch candle, sweet little old brooms that I love and black tiny witch's hat.  Boo Blessings Francine.

Friday, 18 October 2013


Greetings Prim Folk, hope this Friday finds you all well................I am joining in on 13 Days Of Halloween put on by Robyn of Primlish  and Misi  of 1890. Today is the first day we post a decorated display for Halloween,  a post every day for 13 days till October 30.  
So on this first day, this is my display, a Halloween sampler, smiling kitty candle holder and black kitty..... I do not have that many decorations for this holiday but will try my best with what I have,  Boo Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  the sun is shining here this morning but it  is a rather cold one out there.  The temperature has that  Autumn nip in the air now,  there is frost on my pumpkins, oh my and the water is frozen in the birdbath..................Had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with loved ones, so nice to have family over to share in the bounty, to much bounty I think, still eating turkey sandwiches but I love them more  then the hot turkey :)  Thank you for all the Thanksgiving wishes too, warms the heart,  I am blessed......................Received in  the mail yesterday a package I ordered from  Primitives By Olde Lady Morgan, yipee!!!! my sweet Joey arrived safe and sound. Joey is the cutest Prim Pumpkin dolly  ever, so happy she came to live with me. Marie's prim crafts are one of a kind, talented lady and I adore her primitive creations. Also inside the package was a prim Jack, love him  too, I will find the perfect spot for them both.........................This afternoon I am off to visit my Mother and also curl her hair, she still likes it curled  and set, makes her feel nice.  The hairdresser that usually is there to style hair is on vacation so she found a replacement to come in every Saturday, or so we thought. Two Saturdays now my Mother along with other gals have gone to get their hair done to find NO one there,  burns me up. The  lady's along with my Mother expected to get their hair done to find the room empty, these lady's look forward to having their hair done, many cannot style their own  hair, that is my Mother. I do not mind but I do not like the elderly treated so, do they not matter??? How can someone say oh yea I will be there Saturday and not show up, call, anything, ARRGGGGG!!!!!! had to get that off my chest....................Anywho, wishing you all a beautiful Fall day, Blessings Francine.

Monday, 14 October 2013



Saturday, 12 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  hope this weekend finds you all well................This is our long Thanksgiving  Holiday weekend here in Canada,  so we are celebrating giving Thanks today instead on the Holiday Monday.  My family is  coming over this afternoon for supper, we are having the traditional Turkey, I have to have one, always have, always will, love it.   Also a ham, mashed potato's, green and yellow beans, carrots and  stuffing.  My SIL is bringing her famous cabbage rolls, so tasty, my two Sisters are bringing dessert, oh ya. I believe pumpkin pie and a  lemon cake, will be a feast for sure. We have much to be thankful for,  I will enjoy being with family sitting around the table with us, all is good.............. I put out some of my Turkey collectibles  around  the house since it is that time, Gobble Gobble Francine.
Turkey plate, postcard and planter

old turkey collectibles

 Turkey salt and peppers

Thursday, 10 October 2013


pumpkin dolls
Morning Prim Folk,  well, I received another swap package  that I  entered in, Woo Hoo!!!!!  to much fun getting the mail lately....This one was a Trick and Treat swap held by Parsley over at Season Of  My Mind  and  a fun swap it was also.  My partner this time was Karl, at Intenceguy.blogspot.com., what a wonderful package I received once again.  Inside the box were two pumpkin dolls that are so sweet, Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin, love them and oh yummy, two bags of Candy Corn, Miss Kitty cupcake mix, loves me some cupcakes and a cute little trick ghost that glows different colours,  BOO!!!! Scary!!!!..........Thanks Karl for the goodies and Parsley for hosting this fun swap..............Fall Blessings Francine.
ghost, candy corn and cupcake mix

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  hope your Wednesday is going good so far...........It is another beautiful Fall morning here, the weather has been so wonderful, just perfect for this time of year, gotta love it. Warm, sunny, light breeze, so nice to be outdoors with the smell of Autumn in the air, I have been sitting outside enjoying my swing for  as long  as I 
can for next week it is going to be much cooler, so the weather man says, ha!!!!!!!.............Yesterday I received a swap package from Lynn over at Life On A Wienne Ranch blog,  she has two rescued  Dachunds, maybe a third by now, :) She was my  Fall Gathering swap partner and I really love all the Fall goodies she sent. Prim pumpkins galore, cute little owl, crow, neat little ditty bag, love it, sheep note pad and the sweetest childrens  dishes that I adore. Thanks Lynn, I do love everything you sent, loves me  some pumpkins.......Also a Big Thank You to sweet Amy over at Bubble Bee Lane for hosting  these fun swaps, she is a real great gal...................Wishing you all a beautiful Autumn  day  and a welcome to my new followers, always a pleasure to meet new blogging buddies,  Fall Blessings Francine
love this little Olde Salem bag
sweet owl and pumpkins
prim pumpkin, crow, sheep pad and childs dishes

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  nice weather we are having so far this week,  warm, sunny, great for doing some outdoor chores before the cold settles in. Cleaned up some the flower beds but many  flowers are still blooming so I had to leave them, didn't have the heart to cut or pull them out yet. Also washed the windows, aired out some quilts, nothing like the smell of the outdoors........So while I was outside I grabbed the camera to take a few pictures of the flowers that are still so pretty. The Monk's Hood is only starting to open, really late bloomer, love the color of these flowers, such a pretty blue. The Autumn Joy is also a late bloomer, pretty red rosettes the buzzing  bees love. I bought some Tulip and Grape Hyacinths bulbs to plant yet, hope the naughty Squirrel dose not find them and dig them up................Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday, Fall Blessings Francine.  
pretty blue Monk's Hood

yellow Marigold's

Pee Wee Hydrangea

Autumn Joy

beautiful double Black-eyed Susie

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Sunday Greetings Prim Folk,  hope all is well with you this weekend............Well, we decided to come home last night from the lake, a little to chilly out there even with the heater, quilts, just to cold.  The sun never did show as the weather man predicted, do you believe he was wrong, Ha!!!!!! Was so cold with  that North wind blowing, we did what we had to do, winterized the trailer and home bound we came where it's warm and cozy.............We did stop at a yard sale on the way home, sure glad we did for I found a nice blue|white enamel bowl for my collection, don't have that size, so happy happy, a little black  Halloween kitty head and a package of melts in Pumpkin Spice Bread, smells so yummy...........Today is suppose to be sunny and warm, hmmm, will have to see about that but  I would like to get out and finish up cleaning the flower beds, even though  some flowers  are still blooming..............Wishing you a beautiful day, Fall Blessings Francine.
sweet enamel bowl

Halloween  black kitty head

yummy Pumpkin tarts to melt

Friday, 4 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk,  Happy Friday to you all............Well, the time has come to go to the lake and tuck in the trailer for a long winters nap, I'm happy it's Friday but sad we are going to the lake for the last weekend of the year, so bittersweet.   I will enjoy sitting by the crackling fire, I believe I will have to be near the fire for the weather is rather cool this weekend but we will tough it out, knowing it is our last stay of 2013.  We have lots of cozy sweaters  to layer on,  a warm heater in the trailer and many warm quilts to cover us, we will be fine........So much to be done  to winterize the trailer but Cam  will " get her done" and  I will clean the flower beds, fill the bird feeders, rake the leaves and defrost  the fridges woo hoo!!!! lots to be done before we can leave Sunday, but I  will get some relaxing and reading in too, also hope Cam can get out on the lake one last time, if the weather permits.................... Wishing you all a great weekend, Fall  Blessings Francine.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Morning Prim Folk, here it is in the middle of the week already and it's a chilly one, Fall has arrived in all her crispness, you can even smell it in the air.  I do love that smell,  wood smoke mixed in, ahhhhh, my favorite time of the year as it is many of yours out there.................Yesterday was a windy one but the sun was shining so outside I ventured and did some Autumn decorating. I had some tall cornstalks from a friend and they are really tall, the wind kept blowing down the old milk can I used to put them in, so Cam helped me with some wire to keep them from falling down, much better.  Pulled out my wooden wagon, placed  my pumpkins in with a  little orange watering can, the wonderful neighbor of mine let me pick branches of her berries so  I popped them  in the watering can and a sunflower head thanks to a bird that planted it for me :) ta da, a prim  Fall display.  On the bench I put my old enamel strainer with a pumpkin and straw  in it, pumpkin and black kitty and candle, not to sure if I will leave it like that, will see.  Hung a bunch of Indian corn on the  front door and then hung a big ole  wood pumpkin sign and crow on the fence that was once at  my Dad and Mom's house, had to take it, memories, and  that's about it for now. Went in the house and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and The Voice..................Wishing you all a wonderful day, Fall Blessings Francine. 

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