Saturday, 26 July 2014


Morning Prim Folk, Yay!!!!! I seem to have been able to download   some pictures on the laptop now of the new camp site, so I thought I would post them today. ...........My wonderful Brother's Birthday today, we are off to celebrate this afternoon with a BBQ at his place, yum yum........Wishing you all a cozy summer day, Blessings Francine.
along the back fence

by the swing

lily's adjusted the move ok

front driveway

Angel's buddy on the stump with the fairy door

Angel on the hunt

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Morning Prim Folk,  beautiful one here, sun starting to rise, looks like a nice summer day today.  The weather has been perfect lately, warm not hot, merry little breeze blowing, now that's what summer days should be. ...........Spent a few days at the lake fixing up the new camp site, still lots to do with the porch but will get it done in time.  Enjoyed watching the birds  and there even is a little Chipmunk to torment Angel and bring the hunter in her, oh ya, not very good at it.   I planted the flowers I brought over from the old place,  the Lilly's are blooming so they took well from the move. Had fun decorating along the fence, put my old bench, watering cans and tin picnic basket of flowers on it. Where we park and walk in  I put the old pump and pail with flowers, hook with welcome chime and lantern.  I did take pictures but could not get the lap top to install them, great!!!! hate when does not go well.......Wishing you all a great day, Blessings Francine. 

Monday, 21 July 2014


Morning Prim Folk, a muggy Monday here, we have been having some hot and humid weather lately. Skeeters are out for blood too, my are they nasty. Really don't like to put on the spray but if you want to be outdoors you have to or get eaten alive.   Had a quiet weekend for I was working so today we are off to the lake for a few days.  With the hot weather my flowers there will be real thirsty, plus I will help Cam take off the old shingles from the roof of the porch.  It will be much easier working on  the ground so maybe not a bad thing it fell down after all :)   Last time we went I was snapping some pictures along the highway of the Canola fields in bloom, looks so pretty the yellow. Sorry a little blurry, taking while driving.     Wishing you all a cozy summer day, Blessings Francine.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Greetings Prim Folk,  hope your weekend is going well so far.  Nice sunny morning here,  will go out and water the flowers after another cup of coffee.....Well, last Monday we had everything moved to our new camping site, all but the porch was left that we put on the front of the trailer.  I love the porch Cam built, it is so cozy and I enjoy sitting on the porch very much. He thought that he could move the porch in one piece instead of taking it down piece by piece.  Lift up on a long ski-do trailer, travel slowly down the back roads, back it up to the trailer nice and snug, well, you know what thought did.  All went well, lifting it up on the trailer went really good, Cam was so delighted, so was his helper.  Then moving along the road that leads out of the park,  all hell broke loose. A corner of the porch hit a low tree branch and that's what  made it all come tumbling down, oh oh!!! Nasty old branch was a little to low, so, back to building me a new porch, thank goodness the floor didn't break.  At least we got the porch floor down at the trailer, much better having it then sitting on the bumpy ground. We do like the new spot, just a little more building in process........Wishing you all a great day, Summer Blessings Francine.  
porch before on the trailer
porch all broken on a trailer

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Morning Prim Folk,  Happy Thursday to you all.........   I received my swap goodies yesterday from Sandi over at A Primitive Skate.  She really sent some treasures, love the big Sunflower head, cannot wait to hang it up. Also note cards, prim crow on a stick, yummy smelling melt,  potting shed sign and another gardening sign painted on a old 45, oh the memories of those old 45's.  Sandi is really talented with the paintbrush, Thank you Sandi, I love everything,  was great partnered up with you for the swap. A big Thank you to sweet Amy over at Bubble Bee Lane for hosting the fun swaps, she rally is such a sweetie pie.   Wishing you all a cozy summer day, Blessings Francine.
sweet prim sunflower head

swap goodies

Monday, 14 July 2014


Morning Prim Folk,  Happy Monday!!! hope you all enjoyed a great weekend.  The weather here is crazy, cold wind, you would never believe it was the month of July, feels more like September......  Cam and I have been traveling to the lake  back and forth as much as we can, we were informed lately that we had to  leave our camp site,  loooong story,  so have been very busy moving our trailer and belongings.  We like St. Malo so much, we were scrambling about looking for another camp site around there.  Since my sore back I have cut back on my working days which lets us go to the lake that much more.   Found a cozy spot by the golf coarse, a trailer park but very private, bushes all around each trailer, fence along the North side, I really like it. We will miss the water but whats one to do? Cam can keep his pontoon boat at a fellows dock at the old site so that's great and it really is not to far from the lake. It is behind us now not in front. Once we are all set up I will be snapping pictures for my blog, but we are still in the process of moving. I did put up my feeders and am happy to say the Chickadees, Nuthatches, Chipping Sparrows are enjoying a meal at the diner.  I also did see a new bird, a  beautiful Rufus-sided Towhee, was I thrilled, love to see new feathered friends. Also buzzing around is the sweet little Hummingbird, so all is good in the new camp site.  Cheryl and Dean even popped in to visit,  in no time at all Dean found the Saskatoon berry bushes that are surrounding the camp, he was picking and gobbling them so fast, funny to watch.   We are going back today, hoping to get the porch moved to the trailer this week, wish us luck,  have a great day, Summer Blessings Francine.
Dean picking berries

showing me the berries

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Morning  Prim Folk,  Happy Thursday to you all....... Very nice morning here, little breeze blowing, sun shining and a little Wren is singing me a song.  Went out into the flower gardens to water and pull some weeds, always a new weed popping up over night it seems.  The Black Eyed Susan's are stating to bloom, one of my favorites along with the beautiful Cone Flowers. I seem to have lost a couple of the Cone Flowers over winter, dang!! I had a wonderful Orange one but do not see it growing.  Blooming also are  the Lady's Mantle, Veronica, Blanket Flower, Daisy's,  many are just starting to flower. ....Wishing you a cozy summer day, Blessings Francine.